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I’d better keep things to myself


Sometimes you feel like nobody can understand you. You can talk, you can scream, write or sing, but no matter how you try, these words never get to the right destination.  I am an ocean of words shaken by the waves, bathed in sunlight, but never brought ashore. I can’t hide my feelings, it’s like everything’s written on my face, but what’s the point, if no one can see it? I don’t know what about the others, but I am in a total confusion. It is said that it’s better not to hide your feelings and say what you feel, in order to let the others know how we feel, but there are times when you confess and explain, share your feelings, but what you get instead? heartbreaks, tears and broken dreams. I’m not talking about those happy moments that you share with you friends and family, the times when you smile and feel like you could touch the sky, I’m talking about the moments of sadness you grow inside your soul and people who are too happy and satisfied with their lives, that can not treat your pessimism right.

The conclusion: I’d better keep things to myself, until I’ll find someone who will probably feel the same way or at least have the strength of character to listen to what I’ve got to say.


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Music for Inspiration #2

  1. Little Mix – Wings

  2. P!nk – Try

  3. Passion pit – Where I come from

  4. Rihanna – Stay Feat. Mikky Ekko

  5. Florence + The Machine – Breath Of Life

  6. Kings Of Leon – Use Somebody

  7. Louis Armstrong – La vie en rose

  8. Taylor Swift – I Knew You Were Trouble

  9. Rihanna – Diamonds

  10. Chris Brown – Don’t Judge Me


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Music for Inspiration #1

  1. Ellie Goulding – Bittersweet

  2. Bombay Bicycle Club – How Can You Swallow So Much Sleep

  3. Natasha Bedingfield – Strip Me

  4. David Guetta – She Wolf (Falling To Pieces) ft. Sia

  5. Ellie Goulding – Every Time You Go

  6. Adele – Skyfall

  7. Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing ft. Florence Welch

  8. The Script – Hall of Fame ft. will.i.am

  9. Feist – Fire In The Water

  10. One Direction – Live While We’re Young

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” they say being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age… but being a gentleman is a matter of choice “

Unfortunately, today gentlemen are a rarity. Many of the boys forget about the good manners and act like they have no obligations at all. We’ve almost forgot how a real man should look like. There are many things that men nowadays do not respect and moreover, many of them behave unjustly towards the female gender. Each boy receives some education in early years, but with the time and living environments, depending on friends and interests, some of them forget to be men, and act like losers. I do not want to be rude, but sometimes I wish that in my way would appear a real man who could make the male gender pride ourselves in the fullness meaning of this word.

These days a found a list of the rules to always being a gentleman and I think it’s worth reading and following :

  • Say ” Please” and “Thank You”;
  • Work hard;
  • Mind your manners;
  • Offer a woman your seat;
  • Don’t curse;
  • Extend a firm hand shake;
  • Keep your word;
  • Respect your elders;
  • Always make eye contact;
  • Open doors for others;
  • Stand up straight;
  • Stay well-groomed;
  • Act chivalrous;
  • Read books often ;
  • HAve a romantic sensibility;
  • Shy away from gossip;
  • Be punctual;
  • Love well;
  • Stay humble.

“A smart guy will open your mind, a good-looking man will open your eyes, but a gentleman will open your heart.”

A good-looking man is always an attractive one, but when he shows his good manners it’s even better. I think that men that wear suits are more handsome than those who have no style and wear sport clothes. But that’s only my point of view and I’m sure that many girl love those boys for their virtues  not for their type of clothing.

One day I had a great surprise, a strange boy gave me a rose, I guess that was because he was waiting for his girlfriend and she didn’t come.  But still, it was a very noble gesture. Not every day you get flowers, beautiful words in your address or even pleasant glances from men. However, it would be nice if at least once, women could feel wanted and appreciated for their way of being and men to be proud of their deeds.

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