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Happy B-day sis !!!

9 years passed since my little lovely sister has born. I was waiting for her nine months and now, she’s 9 years old. I wish her all the best and to an exemplary girl. She knows how much I love her and she loves me too … that’s why we made her the sweetest cake and the funniest party :) Preparations, emotions, a little bit of drama, but how can we be without that? nevertheless we’re glad that the ninth birthday passed successfully .                  Happy Birthday !  

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Happy Birthday, Keit !!!


 Sixteen years ago was born a little blonde girl with blue eyes. I didn’t knew you that time, but till four years that we spent in the same class were enough to understand what kind of person are you, a beautiful and smart girl, intelligent and a really good friend. Even if you’re far away now and I can’t tell you face to face, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY , a lot of love, happiness, health and your dreams to come true.          

You know that probably you were not my ,, BEST ” friend, but you did a lot, really helped and still support me  :) .  I think you’re a little different than the other people I know, you have your own visions and thoughts, you are simple but in the same time sophisticated, you always know what you want and do the right choices.                                                     

For these years we studied together you helped me understand a lot of things and accomplish something new, you are that person who is always kind and courteous, you help me take hard decisions and never act like you don’t care, even if you feel really bad.    I honestly say that you’re a great person, a star shinnnig all day long and that’s not only cause of your hair :D .                                                                                                         

As Ralth Waldo Emerson said: ,, To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying tomake you something else is the greatest accomplishment ”,  you are always yourself never fake, you say always what’s on your mind, you’re truthful and understanding.                                                                                                                         

I wanna say a big Thank You to your mum who gave you life and that education you have , and of course to you, cause for all that time you were here I learned only good thing and spent a really great time with you and not just me, I listened to your advices and had the oportunity to be your friend and still am.                                                                      

You always tell me to be confident and to believe in myself and that’s what I try to do, that’s what we all do actually, we’re never gonna gave up realizing our dreams, cause we can, just with a little help.                                                                                                                

I want you to know that I’m always going be on your side, be your friend, support, help, give a piece of advice and amuze ( if it will be necessary :D ) no matter where you are. Thank you for all the days you make me smile !