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Watch what you say- stay away from hurt words


Nothing is more valuable and more powerful than words. A simple word can change our life, give us strength to fight or condemn to death, we are headed for the right way or turned back to the place we started. Words can shatter our dreams just like they make us believe in them. Words are immortal, eternal, but nevertheless they’re sometimes the false reflection of our spiritual feelings and emotions.

What’s in a word? A world, a life, a purpose, a desire, an idea, an illumination or just a simple mixture of letters? We create bridges of words, but rarely rely on their resistance, just because there is one thing that those who utter them don’t think of: ’’ words can hurt!’’. People today are too busy and too preoccupied with themselves and they often forget that there is someone besides them. Therefore, unfortunately it is dangerous to be near to such a person, because it can tell you exactly what’s on its mind right in face, without to think or to weigh any word. However, sometimes we say unthinkable words and we’re not attentive of what the person we lead a conversation with may feel. It may be a friend or a colleague, a neighbour or a simple passerby, but often also family members. They might misunderstand us or judge and then it’s harder to erase a word from one’s head than from a sheet. But here comes the proverb: “What you write with a pen, you can’t cut with a hatchet”.

Anyway, what we say is in some measure a part of someone’s heart, those are words of love, appreciation, support and trust. We mustn’t allow someone to flood our soul with bad words and also not to do the same thing with someone else’s soul. Keep the hurt words to yourself, because nobody needs sadness in life, we all deserve to smile and in this case words should be taken in doses and only on a medical prescription.

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When the sun goes down

   Sometimes you just feel like you’re never gonna feel again that feeling you had once…but it repeats again and again like déjà vu. I was always asking myself why it happens and why I become so confused about that. I tried to make some notes but it didn’t help, I got stuck between dreams and reality. Soon I got used with those feelings and I even started to like them, like a being in trance. The truth is that I enjoy everything pleasurable that happens in my life and it gives me the hope that after the sunset is a wonderful world and when the sun rises this wonderful world takes colours.

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she feels like…

Model: Victoria M.

    Sometimes it is extremely hard to manage our feelings and emotions. I guess we’re like volcanoes in most of the cases or like thunderstorms. It sound ridiculous, but the most of stupid things we use to do, are actually made in a nervous state. The way we deal with emotions is unknown cause we do it in our own way, but one thing is common for all the people, the feelings we meet and the way we treat them. Euphoria is how usually teenagers feel when they’re over limit happy. Angry is when we’re just not satisfied of something or you’re in a hard situation the solution of which you don’t know. Happiness is the most popular feeling characterized by positive or pleasant emotions. These are just a few of them, but the point is that without them we’re simply bored.

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The necessity of (not) being lonely

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”

Sometimes we don’t realize how the time passes by and we become all alone in the middle of life. A breathtaking feeling, but it’s true. I never felt it on my own skin, but I heard a lot of people annoying about that and being depressed. Better said we are envious because we couldn’t catch our happiness when we were younger, the period that distinguishes by its own power to attract someone to you or to create your personality if you haven’t created yet.

If for somebody loneliness is a lifestyle, some people are desperately trying to avoid this state. There are friends that are conscientiously helping, organising dates, I mean the random ones , when a stranger appears and it starts like: ” Oh, dear, what a surprise, I haven’t expected to meet you here, let me introduce him/her to you… ” and that’s the beginning of the disaster, when a totally unseasonable person enters in your private life without any permission and suddenly ruins everything you built all these years. It sounds dramatically, I know, but it’s just reality.

   Our chaste hearts are running after pure love, but where is it ? No one can tell us where it is exactly cause we were made to find it ourselves and the most beautiful thing is when love comes exactly in the moment you less expected. That is how our not very lovely loneliness gets full of hugs kisses and sweet words.

The history of our early life is sometimes motivating us to lead a lonely, isolated lifestyle, not being a part of society we are living in and to create our own world where is no place for someone else, or we just do not allow anyone to “roam the lands” of our world. “Leave me alone” is a well-known phrase frequently used today, which means that the person concerned wants not to be disturbed. But who ever thought about the real or the straight meaning of this? Sometimes we’re just too busy to realize that we’re ignoring our friends and family and step by step we get more distant. There are moments when you need a place of silence, a place were you can gather your thoughts and feeling, were you can feel safer and you can relax from a very difficult day. There is nothing strange in the necessity of spending some time being all alone, it’s a psychical and physical need, I could say. Even if those people aren’t always understood by others, they shouldn’t be criticized, everyone needs a day or more to clarify what is going on and it always helps if you have to take a hard decision or if you’re confused, stressed or in love.

Someone is supposed to be lonely forever, someone is just in a hard period, someone is  in the process of searching for a real love, but someone is too disappointed to keep believing in a happy ending. No matter what is your situation, no matter how sad you are, there is always a way to leave everything behind and smile. Try not to use repulsive words, be nice, be optimistic and you’ll see how your life will change into a positive side.

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