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1 week. 7 days. 168 hours.

   Seven days seem to be a very long time, for somebody, but actually this is not enough for someone like me. In school days a week is like a whole year and I can’t wait the weekend to come, but in summer, days are already too short to do the things I plan. Well, I’m sure that not just I wish that the days were longer, but as this will never happen, here comes the night that gives some more time for the things we left undone.

As days become hotter and hotter I can not focus on anything specific, that’s why it’s hard to say that I was really hardworking, nevertheless I spent some days reading, thinking and making plans for the future. For a moment I felt that everything in my life is in a real mess, this being the reason for making a cleaning in my head, to put everything on its shelf. Now, as everything seems to be clearer, I can surely talk about planing a week, 5 days of hard work and 2 days of laxity and fun.

Take a deep breath and let’s get started from the very beginning, monday. It is said that how you spend monday, it’s how you’ll spend your whole week. I do believe that everything depends on you, but in a way I try to be as happy as possible and make as many useful things as I can.

There are many varieties of spending a week, such as : the sea, a trip, at grandparents, in a summer camp. But what if everything happens not as we’ve planed? That’s not a problem for those who jump at the chance and bring surprises into their lives. Try new things, organize your time, make a schedule and don’t forget that every minute is important. Try not to waste your time!

 Have fun !

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7 days of pleasure

I want to spend a whole week making different kinds of desserts.

 7 days , 7 recipes, 7 photo shoots .

I hope you’ll enjoy it :)))

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