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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We are free to express our points of view, our own opinion on what is happening around us. We are able to appreciate and use freedom as an opportunity for self-expression, because what lies within us, is an enormous power that can create a miracle, called ART. We are the youth and we can make the world listen to what we have to say. There is nothing more beautiful than the purity and sincerity that we nourish in our souls. We are sometimes frivolous, but we know when to stop, because what makes us special, is how we perceive and understand the world, how we notice those little things that some people hesitate, those things that are often overlooked, things that mean more than we could imagine.

Sometimes we feel a fear of what will happen if we say what we think, but many do it without thinking of the consequences. If you have something to say, and if you really believe in this, then nothing should stop you, because there is nothing more pleasant than to make yourself heard.

An artistic way to express your emotions, thoughts and ideas, is photography. This is a method that requires hard work, talent and artistism, in this case rules can be neglected. In each of us is even a small part of artistism and creativity that we develop during the life, all we have to do is to listen to our inner voice, to let the imagination out and not to be afraid of making mistakes or getting others’ criticism, because we learn from mistakes, and I think that in art, mistakes are just great ideas, maybe even strange, which essentially signify faith and determine our own style.

Maybe we need just a little hint or encouragement to become more brave, but nothing can stop us on the way to true art, the art of living.

Love is the only reality and

it is not a mere sentiment.

It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. 

Photographs by Lily H.

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Love and Creation

Love is the only explanation for our spiritual experiences, for the emotions that surrounds our soul, for the attraction to beauty and for countless sacrifices in the name of  ideality.  Love is a secret potion with a strange composition, but extremely efficient. This balm twists and turns our mind, raises our wings so that we could fly high, it makes our heart beat faster and faster, and we, the victims of a true love, get carried by the waves of pleasure. Creation is the child of  love, because love creates the most pure and divine feelings and experiences. Love inspires and motivates us to reach the new heights,  to create ourselves as personalities and get perfection in everything we do. Love is an urge to create the human being as a symbol of eternity. The most famous creators loved and sacrificed their love and life entirely, just to bring the world a work of art that will remain forever in the hearts of humankind. From these masterpieces are falling down tears of toil and pain, but their beauty is too great to notice these insignificant drops, because love and creation enlightens our body and soul.  All that remains to do is to admire the things we do from the heart and strive to find the reason of  life. We ought to love and fight for what makes us truly happy.

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