Hello! I’m Caleria, a dreamy girl living in a little country, named Moldova. It is small and helpless, but it means a lot for me, even if it’s not perfect or not as I wish.  It’s quite interesting that as much as I would like to go somewhere else, in another country, I don’t think I’ll feel better than here, obviously the house where you were born is always sweeter and safer than any other place in the world!  I have a lot of hobbies, and I try to do a little bit of each of them. Taking photos, painting, writing, making handmade accessories and so on. My opinion about that is: You should try a lot of things till you find what is yours and in the end you’re proud of what you did, cause you develop yourself as a personality.                                                 

   I‘m not a pessimistic person, but not optimistic,too. I’m a dreamer and I’m not ashamed to say this. This blog represents all the things I saw and I want to see in my life , I’m writing what I feel, what bothers me or what I just like or admire. This is the easiest way to combine two things in one: confessing things without making bored someone of your friend or family member and practising my language. I feel like I should say something more, but this information about me is enough for my readers. In the end, I want to specify that for me, this blog and all the things I do mean much more than it seems, I put my heart and soul in everything I do and it makes them special.


One thought on “About

  1. Kate says:

    Here is she!! The next Times chief editor!!!!

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