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Love from A to Z

LOVE is …

Aability to appreciate what real feelings;

Bbest emotions you’ve ever had;

C common affair;   D destiny;

E- enough patience for all misunderstandings;

F- fancy smiles;   G- gentle touches;   Hhonesty;   Iinspiration;        

J- jabbering;   Kkisses;  

L- long nights;

M- moonlight view;  

N- nifty outfits;

O– original surprises;                

P- pastimes;   

Q- quiet moments;

Rrespect ;    Ssupport;   T- thirsty souls;  

U- unforgettable experiences;   V- virginity;

W- warmth;    X- x-identifier;

Y- yummy;   Z- zest.

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10 steps to be happy

It’s not about forcing HAPPINESS, it’s about not letting the SADNESS win.
  1. Live the present ! Try to be aware that life is happening now, in this moment, in the place where you are, with the people that surround you. There is no sin in remembering the past, it may be constructive to have plans for the future … but what  really matters is actually the present day, your moves, actions and feelings. Just live the moment!
  2. Take Action! I’m sure there are a lot of things you did not have time, but always wanted to do: dancing, cooking, travelling, doing sport or other interesting activities wich secrete endorphins, known as the hormone of happiness. Strive to at least once a year to visit a place you’ve never been before, to practise an activity you’ve never tried to do and stop being lazy, this is never gonna help whatever you’d do. Be a part of something you don’t know and let your worries behind.
  3. Make time for friends! Always in a hurry, busy, a lot of problems, concerns and absolutely no time for friends. Nevertheless we should maintain the relationship with friends, see each other more often, go somewhere or just spend a good time, cause nothing and no one could ever replace our friends and the happiness they bring.
  4. Sweeten your life! As is well-known, chocolate and other sweets help us take the stress away, so everyday eat a little piece of something sweet and your mood will rise considerably. Cook an unknown kind of dessert and enjoy the preparation time and the result itself.
  5. Find out what you really want! Just imagine that you are very old and you have a little time to live. Thinking about the past, about your life, what would you like to remember? What would be nice to do and you did not? Where you like to travel, with whom you would have spent more time? And, above all, what kind of person you wanted to be? It is necessary to materialize some things not to regret over the time, when you had an opportunity to do something but you didn’t. Furthermore, it’s a pleasure to remember the thing you brought over many years, moments of your life, things you did,people you met, cities you have visited.
  6. Put heart and soul in everything you do! It does not matter what you do, even the tiniest thing must be done carefully, from heart. Put your soul in what you do and you’ll feel such a satisfaction at the end that it will reward the effort .
  7. Be grateful! Gratitude is an important ingredient of happiness. Think of five things that is deserve to be grateful to and remember them when you feel wronged or unhappy. Don’t forget to say ”thank you”, it seems to be just an unimportant phrase, but it makes you feel accomplished when you hear the same gratitude backward.
  8. Routine away! Try to do, more often, what you have never done. Only those who dare to try something new, can evolve. Moreover, obstacles you manage to overcome, give you confidence. It might be interesting to discover something new for you, and you will get rid of boring things done every day, you’ll colour your life and your face will shine of happiness.
  9. Care of yourself! Take care of your body, feed it well and do everything you can to look better. You can’t be happy if you do not like your reflection in the mirror or if you don’t feel good about yourself. Caring about yourself is in a way a part of your self-esteem, it makes you feel confident and wanted.
  10. Pastimes ! Forget about all, make a break and just have fun. Step in the nearest Cafe, call your friends and have a fancy dinner or make a small party at your house, invite a group of people and organize funny conferences. Go to the gym, make some fitness exercises, swim, take some courses of painting or other arty activities. The things listed below are the smallest part of the pastimes a person could have. For example, I collect pictures with different places, people, fashion styles and it makes me really happy, especially if I stick them on the wall it has an awesome look.
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