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Hands of freedom.

  large (18)   The pleasant feeling of freedom is better than millions of chocolate.  The desire to fly high, up to infinity is a feature of age and character of today’s youth. Perhaps, most frequently, we’re trying to do something that’s not in our power, sometimes we fail, sometimes not, but as we know, the key to success is to try again and again until you will succeed. Thus, through hard work and ambition, you’ll get where you truly want and you’ll do what makes you really happy. The possibility of choosing the favorite activity as a basic occupation is a delight, a dream come true. I would say that nowadays we are often limited in freedoms and we are in a constant search of ways to fight with the situation.   Through freedom I understand a huge land were I could run endlessly or at least until I’ll no longer feel the earth under my feet. Freedom is the opportunity to do what you’ve done so many times in your imagination, but in real life you simply hesitated. Freedom is the feeling of spiritual release, the feeling of power, of confidence in future and in your own forces.

large (12)We are dreamers, we are young and restless, we need freedom as we need air. Freedom of expression, freedom of action and we are united by one desire – to create and light the future.

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When the sun goes down

   Sometimes you just feel like you’re never gonna feel again that feeling you had once…but it repeats again and again like déjà vu. I was always asking myself why it happens and why I become so confused about that. I tried to make some notes but it didn’t help, I got stuck between dreams and reality. Soon I got used with those feelings and I even started to like them, like a being in trance. The truth is that I enjoy everything pleasurable that happens in my life and it gives me the hope that after the sunset is a wonderful world and when the sun rises this wonderful world takes colours.

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   Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.
– Lyman Frank Baum

Rihanna – We found Love  it’s an amazing song and video , I really like it ))