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All of a sudden

Love is something unpredictable, a simple look and you feel butterflies flying in your stomach, one touch and you’re already in the seventh heaven. Everything happens so quickly that you don’t even realize how it ended.

   At my seventeen years I can’t make a strong opinion about how the relationship between a man and a woman should be. But as we live in a modern society, we have the possibility to watch different movies where are often represented typical situations about a couple’s life. Usually women are dependent on men, even in that case when they’re housewives, but the situation had considerably changed. Now, a woman wants to be a business lady, to be a part of an upper society and forget about housework and her little kids, if she plans to have them, of course. The relationships between women and men are so various, that even though you know those people, it’s hard to understand why are they still loving each other.

   Someone said that: ‘ in a relationship someone gives the love and the other one receives it’, and I think that’s true, because two people loving each other equally are probably at a stage of developing their relationship, but not sure that they wanna live their life together.

   What we all need is a little impulse to make our dreams come true, a few seconds of bravery to say what we think, to open our heart and let the love do the justice and unite two loving hearts. We are the love we share, the smile we keep on our faces and all the feelings that we just can’t keep inside. A kiss can be a prize, a blessing, a wonder, but however we understand its meaning, it will always express love, care and affection.

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She + He = Together

They met accidentally, but felt an attraction that couldn’t let them split up ever again. She looked simple and complicated at the same time, he was mysterious, but they found each other in the most unexpected time and place. She smiled to him, he smiled to her, their talk began, they fell in love.

– A naive story about the perfect couple that never existed. That’s the story we use to make up in our minds and float on the river of hopes that never get to become real, till we realize that everything was in vain. We need no accidental meetings, no sweet smiles and secret glances to understand and find “the one and only” to feel complete. Sometimes love happens in the most unusual places with a person you never expected, whose charm makes you lose your mind. At that moment all your ideals become the dust blown by the wind. The trust and belief are the ingredients of a healthy love and nevertheless it happens once for all your life.

She and He, two indefinite personalities, far or close, they will always become one, a strong and defined Together.

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