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How can you wake up in the morning and not think about someone you love, walk on the street and not notice the sun shinig bright, people walking in a hurry, but still with a smile on their faces, boys with roses and presents in their hands? Ohh,well, you can`t, cause today is Valentine`s Day!!!

Today is a special day for every loving heart and it`s nothing more pleasurable than a few sweet words and maybe a cute present, but I think we can show how much we love someone without any material goods, just true feelings and love. I don’t want to talk about love, cause I’m sure we all know how is it beautiful, extraordinary and unique in its own way, for each person is different, it’s unpredictable, but that’s  more interesting, because you might fall in love in the less expected moment. The most important thing is that no matter what happens, how far we are from each other and how much we miss those people that make us happy, it’s necessary to share some love, to make other people happy even if we’re not, to smile and to think positively, even if we’re pessimistic till the bones. I have no one whom to dedicate my heart, no matter how much I want it and there are plenty of people who’re in the same situation, but, as I said, today is a special day and love is the only thing that will unite  all people on this earth who loved, love and will keep loving everything and everybody. So, my advice is to leave the sadness apart and to spread love in the hearts of everyone.



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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We are free to express our points of view, our own opinion on what is happening around us. We are able to appreciate and use freedom as an opportunity for self-expression, because what lies within us, is an enormous power that can create a miracle, called ART. We are the youth and we can make the world listen to what we have to say. There is nothing more beautiful than the purity and sincerity that we nourish in our souls. We are sometimes frivolous, but we know when to stop, because what makes us special, is how we perceive and understand the world, how we notice those little things that some people hesitate, those things that are often overlooked, things that mean more than we could imagine.

Sometimes we feel a fear of what will happen if we say what we think, but many do it without thinking of the consequences. If you have something to say, and if you really believe in this, then nothing should stop you, because there is nothing more pleasant than to make yourself heard.

An artistic way to express your emotions, thoughts and ideas, is photography. This is a method that requires hard work, talent and artistism, in this case rules can be neglected. In each of us is even a small part of artistism and creativity that we develop during the life, all we have to do is to listen to our inner voice, to let the imagination out and not to be afraid of making mistakes or getting others’ criticism, because we learn from mistakes, and I think that in art, mistakes are just great ideas, maybe even strange, which essentially signify faith and determine our own style.

Maybe we need just a little hint or encouragement to become more brave, but nothing can stop us on the way to true art, the art of living.

Love is the only reality and

it is not a mere sentiment.

It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. 

Photographs by Lily H.

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Une pensee de Paris

Paris is always a good idea. 

– Audrey Hepburn

I stayed three weeks in Paris, fell in love with the city, and decided that I was born to live in Paris. 
-Ed Bradley 

An artist has no home in Europe except in Paris. 
-Friedrich Nietzsche 

“… you’ll have to fall in love at least once in your life, or Paris has failed to rub off on you.”

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All of a sudden

Love is something unpredictable, a simple look and you feel butterflies flying in your stomach, one touch and you’re already in the seventh heaven. Everything happens so quickly that you don’t even realize how it ended.

   At my seventeen years I can’t make a strong opinion about how the relationship between a man and a woman should be. But as we live in a modern society, we have the possibility to watch different movies where are often represented typical situations about a couple’s life. Usually women are dependent on men, even in that case when they’re housewives, but the situation had considerably changed. Now, a woman wants to be a business lady, to be a part of an upper society and forget about housework and her little kids, if she plans to have them, of course. The relationships between women and men are so various, that even though you know those people, it’s hard to understand why are they still loving each other.

   Someone said that: ‘ in a relationship someone gives the love and the other one receives it’, and I think that’s true, because two people loving each other equally are probably at a stage of developing their relationship, but not sure that they wanna live their life together.

   What we all need is a little impulse to make our dreams come true, a few seconds of bravery to say what we think, to open our heart and let the love do the justice and unite two loving hearts. We are the love we share, the smile we keep on our faces and all the feelings that we just can’t keep inside. A kiss can be a prize, a blessing, a wonder, but however we understand its meaning, it will always express love, care and affection.

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Love and Creation

Love is the only explanation for our spiritual experiences, for the emotions that surrounds our soul, for the attraction to beauty and for countless sacrifices in the name of  ideality.  Love is a secret potion with a strange composition, but extremely efficient. This balm twists and turns our mind, raises our wings so that we could fly high, it makes our heart beat faster and faster, and we, the victims of a true love, get carried by the waves of pleasure. Creation is the child of  love, because love creates the most pure and divine feelings and experiences. Love inspires and motivates us to reach the new heights,  to create ourselves as personalities and get perfection in everything we do. Love is an urge to create the human being as a symbol of eternity. The most famous creators loved and sacrificed their love and life entirely, just to bring the world a work of art that will remain forever in the hearts of humankind. From these masterpieces are falling down tears of toil and pain, but their beauty is too great to notice these insignificant drops, because love and creation enlightens our body and soul.  All that remains to do is to admire the things we do from the heart and strive to find the reason of  life. We ought to love and fight for what makes us truly happy.

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I had not intended to love him; the reader knows I had wrought hard to extirpate from my soul the germs of love there detected; and now, at the first renewed view of him, they spontaneously revived, great and strong! He made me love him without looking at me.”
―    Charlotte Brontë,    Jane Eyre

Sweet moments spent in a good company like family or friends creates an atmosphere of spiritual warmth and sympathy which rises into a strong feeling as affection. As simple as this, anywise affection means much more than just attachment to someone.

Affection is when you feel the need to see your loved one’s smile, when you need a sweet kiss instead of honey to sweeten. Supposedly, to love takes pure feelings, real emotions, but can affection grow into something more, like love? Affection is the same sympathy that makes you feel disoriented and lost, that makes you happy but also sad, that awakens those little complexes about your personality: am I good enough, am I really smart or rather funny , is my body passably attractive? All those childish questions have no reason to be asked.

What special feeling of pleasure is when you’re close to the person you have affection for? How do we call the wish for something more than what it is and how to explain the involuntary smile on our face every time we look at the certain person? From the first touch appear feelings of delight that makes you feel in the ninth heaven. Nothing could describe the sadness of the soul when you do not get even the most insignificant message from him/her or thoughts that do not let you sleep: is he or she thinking of me? I wouldn’t call these feelings any way, but suppose that all are somehow connected with affection, which then creates love.

Affection is a wish. The wish of feeling close to somebody; the wish to dedicate your sincere emotions; the wish to whisper him/her sweet words and to know that “the one and only” will never forget them; the wish to want, to feel the both hearts beating withal; the wish to wake up in the morning with the thought that “you” exists and pleases my soul. Affection is a special feeling for each of us, that differs from one to another.

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She + He = Together

They met accidentally, but felt an attraction that couldn’t let them split up ever again. She looked simple and complicated at the same time, he was mysterious, but they found each other in the most unexpected time and place. She smiled to him, he smiled to her, their talk began, they fell in love.

– A naive story about the perfect couple that never existed. That’s the story we use to make up in our minds and float on the river of hopes that never get to become real, till we realize that everything was in vain. We need no accidental meetings, no sweet smiles and secret glances to understand and find “the one and only” to feel complete. Sometimes love happens in the most unusual places with a person you never expected, whose charm makes you lose your mind. At that moment all your ideals become the dust blown by the wind. The trust and belief are the ingredients of a healthy love and nevertheless it happens once for all your life.

She and He, two indefinite personalities, far or close, they will always become one, a strong and defined Together.

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Mother’s Day

She gave me birth. She took care of me and is still doing that. She always knew what’s the reason I was crying and helped when I was in trouble. She knows me better than I do just because she was always close to me. I could never imagine my life without her, cause she is the person I admire and follow. There are no words to explain and to describe my love and gratitude to her. She makes my life colourful and exciting. She is my Mother!

There is one day when we can show the love and respect we have for mothers, even if a single day of appreciation is not enough to thank them for all the care and support they have for us. This day is one of the most beautiful days in the year, full of presents, congratulations and special surprises. I want to say that all the mothers in the world are great no matter what they do and I’d like to wish them a long and happy life without worries and problems, just happiness in family, success and glorious moments.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

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la déception amoureuse

What makes us think that love is eternal ? Sweet kisses, full of affection hugs or touching words? Well, none of them cause love is fleeting like many other feeling. It is a specific feeling, beautiful and unforgettable, simple and complicated in the same time, but so unpredictable. What about the consequences? Broken hearts, teary eyes, sleepless nights and unrequited feelings. The list can continue but there is no need for that. Love causes pain equally as it causes pleasure.

Each of us see in their loved ones who they want to see and never see the truth. We use to create a false image of a personality we want to see in the person we love. And when the mask disappears, the truth comes out which makes us disappointed. We miss a lot of thing that we consider unimportant, but they are essential. The ugly truth is that love in two-faced, sometimes it is sweet and delicate, but sometimes is like a wrongdoer.

Anyway that’s my point of view and just a general one. I do believe in love, but I’m very attentive not to get intro its mesh. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open in every situation and keep your legs on ground, a high flight may cause a painful fall.

Keep falling in love with a safety belt on you ;)


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The necessity of (not) being lonely

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”

Sometimes we don’t realize how the time passes by and we become all alone in the middle of life. A breathtaking feeling, but it’s true. I never felt it on my own skin, but I heard a lot of people annoying about that and being depressed. Better said we are envious because we couldn’t catch our happiness when we were younger, the period that distinguishes by its own power to attract someone to you or to create your personality if you haven’t created yet.

If for somebody loneliness is a lifestyle, some people are desperately trying to avoid this state. There are friends that are conscientiously helping, organising dates, I mean the random ones , when a stranger appears and it starts like: ” Oh, dear, what a surprise, I haven’t expected to meet you here, let me introduce him/her to you… ” and that’s the beginning of the disaster, when a totally unseasonable person enters in your private life without any permission and suddenly ruins everything you built all these years. It sounds dramatically, I know, but it’s just reality.

   Our chaste hearts are running after pure love, but where is it ? No one can tell us where it is exactly cause we were made to find it ourselves and the most beautiful thing is when love comes exactly in the moment you less expected. That is how our not very lovely loneliness gets full of hugs kisses and sweet words.

The history of our early life is sometimes motivating us to lead a lonely, isolated lifestyle, not being a part of society we are living in and to create our own world where is no place for someone else, or we just do not allow anyone to “roam the lands” of our world. “Leave me alone” is a well-known phrase frequently used today, which means that the person concerned wants not to be disturbed. But who ever thought about the real or the straight meaning of this? Sometimes we’re just too busy to realize that we’re ignoring our friends and family and step by step we get more distant. There are moments when you need a place of silence, a place were you can gather your thoughts and feeling, were you can feel safer and you can relax from a very difficult day. There is nothing strange in the necessity of spending some time being all alone, it’s a psychical and physical need, I could say. Even if those people aren’t always understood by others, they shouldn’t be criticized, everyone needs a day or more to clarify what is going on and it always helps if you have to take a hard decision or if you’re confused, stressed or in love.

Someone is supposed to be lonely forever, someone is just in a hard period, someone is  in the process of searching for a real love, but someone is too disappointed to keep believing in a happy ending. No matter what is your situation, no matter how sad you are, there is always a way to leave everything behind and smile. Try not to use repulsive words, be nice, be optimistic and you’ll see how your life will change into a positive side.

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