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Under the sun

Cheryl – Under The Sun

” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase
I can see the sun is shining bright right on through the haze
I complain to say
Is this really my life
Now that I’m over you, and I’m sober too
I can finally feel alive
But I won’t give you my heart, cause it don’t break twice
Just to let you know, let you know
And if you play the part, and play it real nice
Baby I’ll let go, I’ll let go”

This song is so full of shine and happiness, that’s the reason I decided to write some good words about the sun. Every ray of sunlight predicts the beginning of a brand new day. The sun makes the day a little bit special, it lights all the good moments of the day and maybe make them better, just because of the sunshine. I could probably guess that everyone feels special under the sun or just looking at it, taking this as a good sign or just a beautiful moment to enlighten the soul. We are all equal before the sun, it sometimes makes us forget the sadness and grief, at least for a moment. ” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase… ” that’s true, but why to waste such a sunny day on complaining about every little thing that make us feel upset. Let’s be happy under the sun, but for those who don’t have a possibility to enjoy watching the sunshine, I propose to listen the song above to catch the sunrays ! :)

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Sweet summer mornings…

Maybe that’s not something new for you that especially in summer, it’s so hard to wake up and obviously you”re lying in bed till noon. I’m also a fan of oversleeping, but this morning was an exception. My motivation was a pretty cool weather and a really interesting photo shooting with a good friend of mine. It was amazing cause of the fresh air and the beauty of the trees. I recommend you even a short walk at nature to make you feel maybe happier or at least relaxed. It’s an indescribable feeling when you just walk and hear the birds singing or watch squirrels jumping from one tree to another, a real masterpiece of nature. Every single day is a little piece of a whole life and it’s your duty to make it as colorful and unforgettable as possible.

All mornings are sweet if you know how to sweeten them. A little bit of love, affection, maybe a kiss or a hug, a word spoken from soul, a good advice or just a simple smile, which actually means more than a thousand other things that could be made to show how much you appreciate every day, for the possibility it gives you to say : Good Morning !Don’t waste your time and beautiful moments of your life. Let the summer air bring you to life !

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Never Ending Song

After a long and difficult year of studying, I felt relieved when I started my first “trip” abroad. I have never felt so winged and happy. The moment when I saw for the first time the sunrise in another country than my homeland, made me think about how many doors could open if I will just make one step to escape from everything I’ve been used to and let new beginnings come into my world. Writing these words I live an experience I’ve been waiting for so long.

On the road, the only things that could keep me awake were the headphones and camera, thanks to them I didn’t miss any beautiful moments of sunset and sunrise.

When I arrived at the main place my heart started beating faster and faster like a whole adventure story was waiting to begin. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an adventure, it was better than this, I had lived a real fairytale. Every morning brought a new inspiring, and I honestly say, amazing day. I saw the sea after the sunset when darkness covered the sky, but there was no difference between day and night, the sea looked more deep and mysterious under the moonlight. I couldn’t imagine how long was it, it looked so endless, so as I felt an impulsion to jump in water and let myself led by the waves, but what a pity, cause I can’t swim.

Fortunately, this “small” problem did not affect too much my little world of pleasure.  I thought I could switch on my player and listen to music while sunbathing or even read a book, but however I tried, all my thoughts were gone with the waves. I admired the beauty  that surrounded me, I was hypnotized. I remember everything like it was yesterday, even if only a few weeks passed.

A never-ending song, a never-ending remembrance, a place of retreat. Nothing but a song of freedom, just one place that makes us feel different; think different; become different, better, more understanding, conscientious. Only a place that has no restrictions and rules may give you a truly feeling of happiness. My place is at the seaside, under the blue sky and shining sun.

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Springlike feeling

Spring is the time for new beginnings, strong impressions and unforgettable moments.

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