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Winter fairy-tale

When winter came with all its white, you were mine to kiss goodnight.       

(Lang Leav- A Fairytale)                  


Winter has already come and we’re all waiting for something new and very special. Some people were waiting for it from summer, some started preparing from autumn, I am thinking about winter holidays, the most magical ones. I’d like to keep those moments forever, like a family dinner when all the family is finally together at a round table and when kinds are opening the present under a Christmas tree or when you’re all alone, far away from home, family or friends, you make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow falling over the cold white ground. As a never-ending fairy-tale, winter is a pleasant combination of heat and cold from a warm blanket and a cold weather. Winter brings an atmosphere taken from a fairytale with a white colour that gives off light and power, which makes you truly feel that it’s winter. That moment when snowflakes fall from the sky is like a  blessing  from heaven, like thousands of falling stars, that we can catch in your hand.  All I see when I walk through the park are kids running and falling over the snow, making angels and smiling like they were given candies. Due to its colour, winter is light and purity, it is the base of a new year, a new beginning and new emotions.

Magic, oh magic, it’s everywhere! Even when you go shopping, it’s more special that in any other day, cause you buy presents for you darlings and you make it with love and analyze everything from the smallest details, pack up each present carefully and look for a safer place to hide them so that the holidays where perfect with the loved ones .

It’s all because winter is so special, so unique and really amazing. Sometimes we think the opposite, but in fact, cold and frosty days aren’t the worse if we find a better side of it, that could be staying home and chilling out.

10 things that make winter so special:

1. The atmosphere

2. Watching the snow come down

large (7)
3. Hot chocolate

large (2)

4. Warm sweaters

large (3)

5. Snowy night

large (5)

6. Christmas walkslarge (8)

7. Building snowmenlarge (10)

Are they made of snow or made of pastry, snowmen are the symbol of winter

8. Outdoor decorationslarge (5)

9. Decorating the houselarge (8)
10. Untangling christmas lightslarge (1)

I wish you a happy winter and a lot of funny, cute, amazing, unforgettable, crazy, wild, icy, spicy, lovely, bright adventures.


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largeHappiness is not counted in flowers, presents, money or anything like that. Happiness is pure love and affection, beautiful words and sweet kisses. Happiness is just being close to each other, feeling the heartbeat, feeling the breath and  holding hands…


Hands of freedom.

  large (18)   The pleasant feeling of freedom is better than millions of chocolate.  The desire to fly high, up to infinity is a feature of age and character of today’s youth. Perhaps, most frequently, we’re trying to do something that’s not in our power, sometimes we fail, sometimes not, but as we know, the key to success is to try again and again until you will succeed. Thus, through hard work and ambition, you’ll get where you truly want and you’ll do what makes you really happy. The possibility of choosing the favorite activity as a basic occupation is a delight, a dream come true. I would say that nowadays we are often limited in freedoms and we are in a constant search of ways to fight with the situation.   Through freedom I understand a huge land were I could run endlessly or at least until I’ll no longer feel the earth under my feet. Freedom is the opportunity to do what you’ve done so many times in your imagination, but in real life you simply hesitated. Freedom is the feeling of spiritual release, the feeling of power, of confidence in future and in your own forces.

large (12)We are dreamers, we are young and restless, we need freedom as we need air. Freedom of expression, freedom of action and we are united by one desire – to create and light the future.

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The way you treat yourself, sets the standards for others.

large (11)hhh   Each of us is a unique personality, unique in its own way and what distinguishes us is not just the appearance, but also the spirit, the self-esteem and most importantly – education. We are beings willing to change and we’re always looking for something new, but sometimes we forget about ourselves. Here I don’t mean the kind of respect for other people, but for ourselves, the way we present to the world that surrounds us, the way of talking, communicating, the way of “playing” our individuality and the impressions that we make. In this chapter many of us have a lot to work, but that’s not the problem.

It is known that the way you treat yourself and behave, it’s exactly the way people will behave, it’s like setting the standards. If you’re always sad and pessimistic, neither the world will smile you back and you won’t get the spiritual warmth if you’re cold as ice. People must know how to love themselves, measurably, and how to make others love you instead. If you respect yourself, others will respect you, too, maybe even more. It is no need to close yourself and be inaccessible to the good intentions of others. There is nothing more pleasant than the company of a man who behaves with you so, as you truly deserve, with respect, no more no less. The underestimation is not acceptable, we are talking about serious things, but it can also be a cause of many people who cannot get out of their own world from that place of comfort.

If we had a bit of courage, we could become more open to the world and also to ourselves; we could discover something new that was hidden inside. The secret to success is in the self-confidence and no one but us can change something. If you smile, people will smile you back and you’ll be treated with care, warmth and respect. If you trust in yourself and in your own strengths, those who surround you will not only trust you but will gain confidence in themselves, which is not less important.large (11)

Of course, we have the power to change something in people: their opinion, their vision about life, but only if we are sure that it’s really necessary, because not everyone can agree with you. No matter what other people say, a point of view is always a personal kind of vision and it needs respect. Therefore, self-esteem is an important branch in the formation of a proper standard which will serve as instructions to those who will try to ‘read’ you, so they will know how to do it correctly. In the real meaning, this would be the way a person approaches you, the way a person behaves with you and how does the speaking go. Consequently, we should set the limits from the beginning and show what kind of personality we are, without exaggeration, of course. We can make huge steps, reach heights, do the best to be the best, but first, we should believe, believe that we can do it and that’s how all the people will treat us like: he/she is the ONE who can do IT.

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Sunny mornings

large (3)

…there’s nothing more fresh than the morning air, nothing more cold than a cup of milk and nothing more pleasant than the view of the sunrise, sun lights and especially the smell of summer flowers…

The more I enjoy, the more I will miss those sunny mornings. Nothings compares with this gorgeous feeling, when you wake up with the window opened and feel the warmth of  the sun.

A perfect day begins with a beautiful morning and summer is up to give you unforgettable mornings. Taking into consideration how hard it is to get up in the morning, I think it is worth trying to enjoy such a pleasure.large (4)

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I’d better keep things to myself


Sometimes you feel like nobody can understand you. You can talk, you can scream, write or sing, but no matter how you try, these words never get to the right destination.  I am an ocean of words shaken by the waves, bathed in sunlight, but never brought ashore. I can’t hide my feelings, it’s like everything’s written on my face, but what’s the point, if no one can see it? I don’t know what about the others, but I am in a total confusion. It is said that it’s better not to hide your feelings and say what you feel, in order to let the others know how we feel, but there are times when you confess and explain, share your feelings, but what you get instead? heartbreaks, tears and broken dreams. I’m not talking about those happy moments that you share with you friends and family, the times when you smile and feel like you could touch the sky, I’m talking about the moments of sadness you grow inside your soul and people who are too happy and satisfied with their lives, that can not treat your pessimism right.

The conclusion: I’d better keep things to myself, until I’ll find someone who will probably feel the same way or at least have the strength of character to listen to what I’ve got to say.


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The desert in my soul


Days pass so slow. I keep counting the hours, minutes and seconds. Even if there is a really nice cold outside, I feel something warm coming from the inside, a bright, but limpness light. It’s an unbearable heat. Like the desert, my soul dried up of feelings and emotions. Sun dried the last flowers of happiness, and the winds raised sand storms that shake my thoughts.

We are immersed in troubles as in sand , once you fall into their trap , it’s not so easy to get out of it and is not certain that you could do that, ever. These visions we have when we are somewhere under the scorching sun are the same illusions that we create in our mind’s depths and that disappear with the first feeling of reality.

In the attempt to escape the heat and dryness, we find ourselves stuck in our own mistakes and looking behind,  we notice that all this time we’ve walked in circles and didn’t get anywhere. Deserts is an infinite of emotions, but also the place where we’re alone with our fears and obsessions.

There are only two options to choose: to die of thirst waiting for aid or to keep going even if you have already lost the hope that you’ll ever find the way back.  Such decisions we make everyday, when we wake up in the morning and consciously  fulfill our duty.

Deserts are for those who like to soar into adventures, to enjoy the moment and do crazy things, but I’m not neither an adventure lover nor a ‘ready for everything’, but I hopefully wait for a moment when I’ll say: ” let’s jump into this crazy world!”



Winter-my piece of paradise


Winter is nevertheless a wonderful season, if not to count the cold and gloomy days. But what really make you love it, is the snow. Snowflakes floating in the air and I ‘m caught in their magic dance. I watch the snowflakes covering my face, approaching one by one.  They’re falling from above, driven by the wind, and slowly falling on the ground. I feel extremely lucky to be able to see this wonder of nature. I admire the snowflakes that fall in my palm. They are so beautiful, very complex, but still with an extraordinary delicacy. I don’t want to see them melting, but their time is short. I keep my head high in the sky, I feel like I’m included in the whirlwind of snowflakes. I don’t want to go, don’t want to do anything,  just to stop the time, capture this moment and never stop feeling this pleasure. We are people of the snow, we are the reason winter is so beautiful, we are the ones who know how much is expected the first snow and how hard it is to break up with her. We are like a globe full of flakes and when someone shakes it, the snowflakes rise up and just as slowly fall on the ground.  It’s a true story that reflects the magic of winter wonders, that makes our life more beautiful.  It is  that kind of moment we want to live forever and in these minutes the wind and cold doesn’t matter at all. Here is the magic of the town I live in and I’m very proud of it. We are in the middle of winter and still enjoying every moment, cause every winter brings something new, something special, just like this new year.


Photographs by Lily H.


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Watch what you say- stay away from hurt words


Nothing is more valuable and more powerful than words. A simple word can change our life, give us strength to fight or condemn to death, we are headed for the right way or turned back to the place we started. Words can shatter our dreams just like they make us believe in them. Words are immortal, eternal, but nevertheless they’re sometimes the false reflection of our spiritual feelings and emotions.

What’s in a word? A world, a life, a purpose, a desire, an idea, an illumination or just a simple mixture of letters? We create bridges of words, but rarely rely on their resistance, just because there is one thing that those who utter them don’t think of: ’’ words can hurt!’’. People today are too busy and too preoccupied with themselves and they often forget that there is someone besides them. Therefore, unfortunately it is dangerous to be near to such a person, because it can tell you exactly what’s on its mind right in face, without to think or to weigh any word. However, sometimes we say unthinkable words and we’re not attentive of what the person we lead a conversation with may feel. It may be a friend or a colleague, a neighbour or a simple passerby, but often also family members. They might misunderstand us or judge and then it’s harder to erase a word from one’s head than from a sheet. But here comes the proverb: “What you write with a pen, you can’t cut with a hatchet”.

Anyway, what we say is in some measure a part of someone’s heart, those are words of love, appreciation, support and trust. We mustn’t allow someone to flood our soul with bad words and also not to do the same thing with someone else’s soul. Keep the hurt words to yourself, because nobody needs sadness in life, we all deserve to smile and in this case words should be taken in doses and only on a medical prescription.

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12/12/12 – such days have already been, but certainly will not be, at least not in this life. A day with such a numerology is considered lucky and that’s true. Successful and happy moments, smiles and joy filled my day. And as luck wouldn’t have been enough, a lot of big flakes fell from the sky as if someone was sifting flour, forming a great landscape. The trees were covered with snow, happy children were throwing snowballs one in another, each of them has found an occupation in his own will. I love to watch as snowflakes slowly fall  on the ground, but mostly I would love if at the time when the snow is intense, to be out and catch snowflakes in my palm. I don’t want to forget this day ever and that’s what I wish to you too. Have a nice ending of the day and don’t forget to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of every day!


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