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Lights falling over

Yuppie … I’ll remember the 21st of december as the day when the first snowflakes covered the ground I walk on every day. It wasn’t quite cold and didn’t snow much, but these days I hope everything will be completely covered by a brilliant white. I do not have patience to do some pictures of it, but these is an extremely beautiful Christmas tree .

Enjoy it !!!

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Shake Up Christmas

Photographer: Lily H.

Here we are… finally winter… ho-ho-ho Christmas in coming and we’re all waiting for it. But what a pity, in my town winter came with no snowflakes and that’s quite sad, especially for me, cause I’m waiting for it to make snowmen and angels in the snow. Whereas the town isn’t white, I’m amazed by the lights of the Christmas tree.

                                                Have a nice winter !

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