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She fell in love with Paris

   Her last trip to Paris lasted six days, six wonderful days. What could be better than walking on the streets of Paris admiring the Tour Eiffel and other wonders of architecture? As she said: ” I wanna move to Paris, I want to live there! “. This is an amazing place where you can find yourself, spend time with your loved one, go shopping and drink Starbucks frapuccino with donuts.

Have a nice week and don’t forget to add Paris to your travel list ! ;)

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If I had a world on my own…

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see ?

      – Alice in Wonderland

   Every night I put my head on the pillow, a lot of thoughts envelop me. These thoughts aren’t usual, I’m thinking of a better place to live even if I do not regret nothing of my real life. The itch of travelling might be the main reason why I’m so dreamy. I just imagine how I’m walking on the empty streets admiring the architecture of Paris, tasting a blackberry cake in a cafeteria and breathing the romantic air from the highest level of the Tour Eiffel. I would run all over the mountain Machu Picchu and scream loud ”I’ve acquired freedom” cause that is how I would be. I would build a house in a tree and make myself a little place of refuge from the backbreaking days.

If I had a world on my own I would pray to the God to let the closer to me people  live forever and never let them go, I’d try to make the world a better place to live and a peaceful one. I would make every morning a tale for us, a magical place in the universe will be our home and the sun will light the darkest corners in such a way that everything will seem a miracle. I would make the wind blow and bring with him all the happiness hidden from our eyes and let it surround the most desperate souls.

If I had to choose between a life with problems and a life without them, I’d rather choose the first alternative, because there is no better way to learn from your mistakes than when you solve problems with your own forces. I’d like to emphasize the thing that life is a wonderful game, if you do not follow the rules you’re out, if you’re never falling down you’re not gonna know how to stand up and win the game. I would change money into sweets to make our days much funnier. Can you imagine how would it be when you receive instead of money, sweets? You’ll probably be stunned and in the same time glad to have a wallet full of chocolate and other dainty .   

It might sound familiar to you, because I’d make nights longer. I cannot have enough sleep at night and that makes me feel upset and exhausted all day long, I’ll be very grateful for some hours more. I would make the rule a silly joke and stop listening to the advises given by people who doesn’t understand what they are talking about. If I had a strong power, I would change all the sad faces into happy and smiling ones, and all the fears would disappear making ourselves more confident.

My fancied world is absolutely different from the real one, cause it’s just a foolish dream, but what really makes us hope for something better than we have is our wish and no longer our strong desire which starts materializing step by step. I’m not Alice in Wonderland to hear animals talking and chess figures playing together with the Red Queen, but the only thing I would take as a description of my world is ” Believe in the most impossible possibilities! “. Maybe I’ll really build a house in a tree…. What would you do if you had a world on your own ?

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Paris, mon amour

The Tour Eiffel

P.S all the love I have for this amazing town is exprimed through these photos :))

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