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Life is short, but still …

   Life is short, but still we have so many things to do, so many people to meet, so many achievements to make and just one life to succeed in doing them. We need time, but we often waste it in vain. We have a long  life-experience to carry out, but there is almost nothing we do, to be who we want to be. Everyone agrees with the statement that life is short and we have a lot of things to do, highs to reach and experience to get. Nevertheless, we miss one little thing, perseverance.

In my opinion, life is a great possibility to make yourself remarkable and to reach all the goals you’ve set. My day starts with a well drafted plan, with a list of all the things I have to do, I must and I could not do if I won’t have enough time. As long as I do everything according to the plan, I get a good result in managing my time. At the end of the week I felt relieved, because I’ve done everything I’ve set out. Maybe that’s not the best way to manage to do as many things as possible, but at least this is a way  of not wasting my time in vain.

Life is short, but still a good possibility to become ‘somebody’ that could change the world (for the better, of course). We are strong, smart and powerful, the only thing to do is to reach new performances by working hard.

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Blooming words


As a wellspring of knowledge, the book teaches and guides you. The book is your best friend, close in good and bad moments of your life, with which you can share emotions and feelings and it will share its own with you. A book is something you must have in a summer vacation or in a friday evening when the only thing that could save you from the exhausting week you’ve had, is an old romantic story about a deep and true love.

These simple words that mean so much, nourish  your soul with blossoms, make you feel like you’re a part of the story. Each word has its own significance and place in the text, each word make everything come clearer.

Every single word is a part of a whole forgery taken from the real life. But sometimes it happens so, that the only remedy is a happy ending story and the cloud of negative emotions that covered the sun will fade away.

Words are concrete, they’re never misleading and written just to complete a sentence. Words are like the musical notes, they make each story sound melodious, so let’s keep their music going on.

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The time of reading

 The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.”   ―    Jane Austen

Sometimes a cup of tea and a warm blanket are the perfect things to find yourself reading a book. No other motivations to take a book in your hand won’t convince you to read it, than your desire to do it yourself. So, as you keep it already tightly in your hands, nothing but its name will push you to the action of opening. Of course ‘the name’ was basically the reason you probably bought it and now as you are about to open the book and read the foreword you do think if it’s really worth it. Now, you stay in doubt to continue reading or to put it back on the shelf. But an inner sound keeps telling you not to give up on this. As you can’t avoid the intrigue to discover the book’s whole world, your fingers start to carefully follow each row and enter its essence. Your eyes are sleepy, your head is slowly falling over the pillow, the cup is empty and under the blanket is already too hot. You think you’ll finish the reading tomorrow but you know from your previous experience, it’s not going to happen. A small break is likely very helpful and you’ll have time to rest and make a cup of coffee. An entire night is waiting forward, no way to flee. ” Come on, i know you can do it” .. and you wake up, realizing that you fell asleep while waiting for coffee. Probably a nightmare, but how else? Everyone is already having their second dream while you’re standing like a ghost in the middle of the kitchen in your underclothes. Dogs barking, fluttering light, suddenly it’s getting quiet, a scary picture, but the book is still waiting to be read. But no, the cake on the table looks so delicious as you can’t continue reading without tasting a little piece, or two. Your stomach is finally satisfied, you take your coffee and find a comfortable position that won’t bore you or numb your legs. The book has captured your attention again and now you look more interested, but this time you want just to finish it as soon as possible. After an hour or two you feel really exhausted, you aren’t in the perfect condition to finish the book. You put it under your pillow in the hope of continuing reading tomorrow, your eyes close and open just in the midday, ‘tomorrow’ has already started. The book is definitely surpassed by other activities and forgotten; sad but true. The next time you’ll know how to force yourself to introduce “reading” into your list of binding activities. Until then, don’t hesitate to reserve some time from your busy schedule for reading.

Enjoy reading  !

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