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I can’t make you love me

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… I got a plan in the palm of my hand to get me rolling…

I know we can simply run for hours one after each other, I can take off my t-shirt, my shorts, but still I can’t make you love me. Either I’ll dye my hair  blonde or I’ll be dark-haired, you won’t pay attention to me. I’ll keep walking sexy, acting like a lady, wearing short skirts, smiling all the time, being kind, polite, but what the hell ? I’ll never make you love me! So I’ll just keep singing lalalala , wearing jeans and sneakers, with my half dark-half blonde hair, with the headphones in my ears listening to this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRnbfqx1ZWo.

My sweet advise for you girls, never try to do the impossible, to force someone to love you. We are who we are, funny, sexy, smart, skinny, clumsy, crazy.. so let it be!

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How can you wake up in the morning and not think about someone you love, walk on the street and not notice the sun shinig bright, people walking in a hurry, but still with a smile on their faces, boys with roses and presents in their hands? Ohh,well, you can`t, cause today is Valentine`s Day!!!

Today is a special day for every loving heart and it`s nothing more pleasurable than a few sweet words and maybe a cute present, but I think we can show how much we love someone without any material goods, just true feelings and love. I don’t want to talk about love, cause I’m sure we all know how is it beautiful, extraordinary and unique in its own way, for each person is different, it’s unpredictable, but that’s  more interesting, because you might fall in love in the less expected moment. The most important thing is that no matter what happens, how far we are from each other and how much we miss those people that make us happy, it’s necessary to share some love, to make other people happy even if we’re not, to smile and to think positively, even if we’re pessimistic till the bones. I have no one whom to dedicate my heart, no matter how much I want it and there are plenty of people who’re in the same situation, but, as I said, today is a special day and love is the only thing that will unite  all people on this earth who loved, love and will keep loving everything and everybody. So, my advice is to leave the sadness apart and to spread love in the hearts of everyone.



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Beauty Routine

What can I say about the things that we do every day ? Wake up, do morning exercises, do the morning toilette, take breakfast, dress for school/work and do some other needments. But what is the most interesting part of such a crowded morning? For a girl, of course that’s the morning toilette and dressing up. Hours to do the make-up carefully, beautiful, unordinary and unique, symmetrical and with no mistakes. After such an exhausting work, there is something more to do, the ”dressing up” which is a pleasant activity , but sometimes not a happy one, especially when you are in a crisis of not knowing what to wear.  Lipstick, mascara, hair accessories, a chic look, perfumery, jewellery, a hearty breakfast and a hot coffee are the keywords for a successful day.

But are these the most important things that make a really fulfilled day?Maybe for someone yes, but not for me, for sure. Yes, it’s important to look good, to be in the center of attention, but does it cost all the hours we spend in front of the mirror and the state of rush ? No, what we have to realize is that every minute spent with our family and friends is an amazing positive energy for the whole day and as much as we enjoy the time spent in quiet and pleasure, the more healthy and conscious of our actions we become. We can enjoy the full taste of flavored tea, chocolate croissants and beautiful smiles that appear after the first words said in the morning ”Good Morning”, instead of losing time in vain on practical choices that must be made or rather not must be made at all.

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