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Life is short, but still …

   Life is short, but still we have so many things to do, so many people to meet, so many achievements to make and just one life to succeed in doing them. We need time, but we often waste it in vain. We have a long  life-experience to carry out, but there is almost nothing we do, to be who we want to be. Everyone agrees with the statement that life is short and we have a lot of things to do, highs to reach and experience to get. Nevertheless, we miss one little thing, perseverance.

In my opinion, life is a great possibility to make yourself remarkable and to reach all the goals you’ve set. My day starts with a well drafted plan, with a list of all the things I have to do, I must and I could not do if I won’t have enough time. As long as I do everything according to the plan, I get a good result in managing my time. At the end of the week I felt relieved, because I’ve done everything I’ve set out. Maybe that’s not the best way to manage to do as many things as possible, but at least this is a way  of not wasting my time in vain.

Life is short, but still a good possibility to become ‘somebody’ that could change the world (for the better, of course). We are strong, smart and powerful, the only thing to do is to reach new performances by working hard.

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A good day can’t start without filling your body with energy. One of the easiest way to get it, is to eat a piece of chocolate. So that you’ll feel lively and your brain will work better.

Sweets or better said, dessert is one of the most interesting part of a breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are sweets that represent real masterpieces, not only because of their aspect, but also for their delightful taste. While trying to enjoy eating your favourite cakes of chocolates, you might think about how many calories does it contains. Nevertheless, even if sweets are more caloric that a plate of pasta, they do perform a double function: feeding and enjoying in the same time. We shouldn’t forget that in the process of preparing any kind of dessert we use ingredients which often provides necessary for nutrition elements. So, in a good dessert you can find carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, mineral salts and vitamins, strictly required for our body. This way, to improve the stability of our body and mental welfare, sweets must be introduced in our daily alimentation, in moderate quantities.

Now, as I have a new book full of different and totally interesting dessert recipes, I’ll try to cook all of them and share my sweet experiences with you. Can’t wait to get started!

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