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Sometimes I wish…

There are moments in life that make you feel lonely. I don’t say that it is so, that we’re really alone, but this feeling is similar to the wish to feel this way, the feeling itself and the wish to feel lonely are closely related, as a need of the soul, the need to isolate yourself from real events that you find an absolute injustice. There are certain circumstances that take you away from your world, from the inside one and bring you into the real life which is already not green and flourishing and there where the sun usually shines, comes with quick steps the big black clouds predicting rain. However, there are two contradictory opinions on the effect of “rain”. Some people believe that rain is something somber that brings bitterness and melancholy, while others say that the rain is a relief, like tears taken by the wave of sadness and after, bring peace and joy just like rain leaves behind his wonderful colors of the rainbow. But to go back to the main topic, there are moments in life that make you have a serious thinking, that make you change, grow, change your mind about the world that surrounds you, make something wrong and learn on your own mistakes, fall in love , lose your mind and come down on earth to do what nobody thought you could, to outdo yourself. Life has prepared our own story, with memorable events, with bad and good characters, fantastic or less amazing, but sometimes I want to be the author of this story, to get everything in my hands as I did when I was little, playing with dolls, creating their own story, which always had a happy ending. Sometimes I wish that the beautiful moments of childhood have never ended, I remember with pleasure the gifts received from my parents, the pot of roses next to which I said the first and the most sweet poetry, the countless summers spent at the grandparents together with my friends who are now big enough, but nothing binds us anymore. I remember with love my childhood dreams that now seem absurd, although back then they were extremely special. I wish I could turn back time to change something, maybe to do everything better, the way I think now would be good, but what sense it would have? If I wouldn’t be wrong then, now I would still be that little girl, naive and dreamy. I’m not saying that I’m less dreamy now, that would be a lie, but the reality always wanted to show who is the “boss”. The border between dream and reality is not so big, but to stay in balance you need to know how to move from side to side without disturbing any of the parts. Sometimes I want to be what I call ideal, but that’s only sometimes, because real life and dreams are incompatible worlds.

Without hesitation I descend the stairs to get where is waiting a world that’s mine, a life to be lived and a reality to be faced. Because no matter how tiring would days seem, the sun always sets and give us time to dream. Well, I’m not a meaningful person, but I think that dreaming and wishing is far not a bad thing, only if you know the limit.

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My only wish…

Since autumn knocked at the door , we felt it really deeply on our bodies, it became colder and colder and that’s why I really miss the hot weather and the playful sun. I look at these pictures made in september when it was still warm and I can’t wait to taste it again while the sun with its rays nearly close my eyes and my lips are sweet from the fruity ice cream I eat . No longer, that’s just a wish , and till the good weather comes it’s a long time to wait, however I’ll look at this picture and dream again and again…

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