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12/12/12 – such days have already been, but certainly will not be, at least not in this life. A day with such a numerology is considered lucky and that’s true. Successful and happy moments, smiles and joy filled my day. And as luck wouldn’t have been enough, a lot of big flakes fell from the sky as if someone was sifting flour, forming a great landscape. The trees were covered with snow, happy children were throwing snowballs one in another, each of them has found an occupation in his own will. I love to watch as snowflakes slowly fall  on the ground, but mostly I would love if at the time when the snow is intense, to be out and catch snowflakes in my palm. I don’t want to forget this day ever and that’s what I wish to you too. Have a nice ending of the day and don’t forget to live your life to the fullest and enjoy every minute of every day!


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Love is never too much

Love is that feeling from the  inside that you cherish and keep for someone who really deserves to be loved by you.

Holding your hand is like reaching the top of love, but you give me more than just your hand, you give me your heart!

The most pleasurable moments we spend with that person with whom it’s easy to smile.

When all the things seem to you pointless, it is always someone to remind you that life is wonderful.

A piece of cake is more delicious when you share it with someone.

The only person you want to share both happiness and sadness, is that person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

A kiss – is worth a thousand words, a hug – is worth a thousand kisses.

I’m not shy, but when you look at me I start to smile like a crazy. I never sing for somebody, but for you I could pretend I’m a rock star. I could go to the end of the world, but I’m sure you’ll find me. I think of you and you think of me, cause we’re meant to be together.

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A place in this world

 Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm.
– Abraham Lincoln


It is hard to find yourself, but once you’ve done it, everything seems to be easier. Taking hard decisions make us become wiser and think like a life experienced person. But to become such a person, you must find your place in this world.

I don’t know where is my place yet, but I do try to find it. To define the word “place” I may use the universe. Since I was born my place has been my family, the home. The only place where you’re always welcome. With the years, we grow up, so that we must find another place, this time like a personality.

Looking forward to discover the talent hidden in the deep of my soul, I tend to ask myself if I really need that. I’m feeling complete as I am and satisfied with my existing possessions, but it’s always place for more. There are so many things that can change and so many lessons to be learned. Ups and downs, happy and sad moments, success and failure, all this make just the littlest part of the way to our proper place. It’s never too late to start finding yourself, to choose the right ways to go on and the perfect place to be, live and create.

Always be yourself  !

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Mother’s Day

She gave me birth. She took care of me and is still doing that. She always knew what’s the reason I was crying and helped when I was in trouble. She knows me better than I do just because she was always close to me. I could never imagine my life without her, cause she is the person I admire and follow. There are no words to explain and to describe my love and gratitude to her. She makes my life colourful and exciting. She is my Mother!

There is one day when we can show the love and respect we have for mothers, even if a single day of appreciation is not enough to thank them for all the care and support they have for us. This day is one of the most beautiful days in the year, full of presents, congratulations and special surprises. I want to say that all the mothers in the world are great no matter what they do and I’d like to wish them a long and happy life without worries and problems, just happiness in family, success and glorious moments.

Happy Mother’s Day !!!

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