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Merry Christmas !

Finally, this wonderful day came and I’m very happy to celebrate this holiday with my dear friends and family.

Yesterday we bought a huge Christmas tree, at first we thought that it’s gonna be very easy to bring it home, but it wasn’t really like that. It was high and voluminous, so as we couldn’t pick it up with the elevator, we used the stairs to carry the tree. When we got home, my little sister opened the door, she remained stunned when she saw the tree and started crying and worrying about how big was the tree, but in the end, in the happy one of course, everything was perfect, we cut the top and a bit from the bottom of the stem. It looked great and after dinner we started decorating and having a lot of fun.

Now I’m drinking hot tea and listening to Christmas songs, I prefer not to sleep tonight, maybe some old movies will keep me awake. Waiting for Santa’s presents, even if it’s just a tale I do believe in this sweet Christmas atmosphere.

Happy holiday to everyone , Merry Christmas !!!

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Lights falling over

Yuppie … I’ll remember the 21st of december as the day when the first snowflakes covered the ground I walk on every day. It wasn’t quite cold and didn’t snow much, but these days I hope everything will be completely covered by a brilliant white. I do not have patience to do some pictures of it, but these is an extremely beautiful Christmas tree .

Enjoy it !!!

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