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la déception amoureuse

What makes us think that love is eternal ? Sweet kisses, full of affection hugs or touching words? Well, none of them cause love is fleeting like many other feeling. It is a specific feeling, beautiful and unforgettable, simple and complicated in the same time, but so unpredictable. What about the consequences? Broken hearts, teary eyes, sleepless nights and unrequited feelings. The list can continue but there is no need for that. Love causes pain equally as it causes pleasure.

Each of us see in their loved ones who they want to see and never see the truth. We use to create a false image of a personality we want to see in the person we love. And when the mask disappears, the truth comes out which makes us disappointed. We miss a lot of thing that we consider unimportant, but they are essential. The ugly truth is that love in two-faced, sometimes it is sweet and delicate, but sometimes is like a wrongdoer.

Anyway that’s my point of view and just a general one. I do believe in love, but I’m very attentive not to get intro its mesh. Don’t forget to keep your eyes open in every situation and keep your legs on ground, a high flight may cause a painful fall.

Keep falling in love with a safety belt on you ;)


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