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Another letter from LA

Dear friend,

the second half of my holiday passed quiet. While a huge silence covered the house, something awoke in my soul and I realised that I miss my friends and colleagues so much. The lonely days passed so slowly.  I impatiently waited for my birthday, it was so strange to feel that the days were warm and beautiful in October.

In a working day I didn’t really manage to do or to see too much. In the morning everyone was going to work and I was staying home. I tried to wake up early and to run to the notebook to find my friends ‘online’. All my holiday I slept no more than 10 hours, which definitely does represent me. Well, that’s what can friendship do.

So, by the time everyone was returning home I couldn’t go anywhere. I was eating, ‘navigating’ on the internet or reading. Then, if I had some luck, in the evening I could go with my mother somewhere, mostly she was too tired so I was staying at home. In the weekends I could feel the freedom. I went to the ocean, a really great place. We saw sea stars, dried seaweed on the sand, my feet soaked in soft waves. I liked it. The waves were not big enough and I didn’t have the opportunity to see surfers. But the view was amazing, especially the sunset and the sunrise.

The second trip I expected was in a botanical garden. The Huntington Library – a large garden with amazing species of plants, greenhouses and art museums. What pleasant it was to watch the wonders of nature, I never thought that there could be so many kinds of cactuses (I’d grow cactuses  instead of flowers in my garden). It was a hot day, but the  art museum helped me, cause in it was cooler. I admired the paintings and I got inspired by them.

The most interesting thing I saw there, was how the killer whales were splashing huge waves on the people standing in the first rows. I wish I had such a bath, cause the day were very hot indeed. For the first time in my life October 17  had all 30 degrees.

My last days I spent with the little Abie, I could say that I was a great nanny. All this beautiful holiday I spent with the camera in my hands and it was awesome, but now I really have to go back home.

With love, Lily.


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