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Winter fairy-tale

When winter came with all its white, you were mine to kiss goodnight.       

(Lang Leav- A Fairytale)                  


Winter has already come and we’re all waiting for something new and very special. Some people were waiting for it from summer, some started preparing from autumn, I am thinking about winter holidays, the most magical ones. I’d like to keep those moments forever, like a family dinner when all the family is finally together at a round table and when kinds are opening the present under a Christmas tree or when you’re all alone, far away from home, family or friends, you make yourself a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow falling over the cold white ground. As a never-ending fairy-tale, winter is a pleasant combination of heat and cold from a warm blanket and a cold weather. Winter brings an atmosphere taken from a fairytale with a white colour that gives off light and power, which makes you truly feel that it’s winter. That moment when snowflakes fall from the sky is like a  blessing  from heaven, like thousands of falling stars, that we can catch in your hand.  All I see when I walk through the park are kids running and falling over the snow, making angels and smiling like they were given candies. Due to its colour, winter is light and purity, it is the base of a new year, a new beginning and new emotions.

Magic, oh magic, it’s everywhere! Even when you go shopping, it’s more special that in any other day, cause you buy presents for you darlings and you make it with love and analyze everything from the smallest details, pack up each present carefully and look for a safer place to hide them so that the holidays where perfect with the loved ones .

It’s all because winter is so special, so unique and really amazing. Sometimes we think the opposite, but in fact, cold and frosty days aren’t the worse if we find a better side of it, that could be staying home and chilling out.

10 things that make winter so special:

1. The atmosphere

2. Watching the snow come down

large (7)
3. Hot chocolate

large (2)

4. Warm sweaters

large (3)

5. Snowy night

large (5)

6. Christmas walkslarge (8)

7. Building snowmenlarge (10)

Are they made of snow or made of pastry, snowmen are the symbol of winter

8. Outdoor decorationslarge (5)

9. Decorating the houselarge (8)
10. Untangling christmas lightslarge (1)

I wish you a happy winter and a lot of funny, cute, amazing, unforgettable, crazy, wild, icy, spicy, lovely, bright adventures.


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