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When past is lost forever, the future is the only safe shelter

largeOur actions are as strong as a stone, our dreams – as  fleeting as a summer breeze,  our soul is unprotected, sometimes lost, sometimes hopeless… but we still keep living, making mistakes, loosing and winning, loving and hating, thinking that the only way to survive is to keep going and never stop.

There is such a moment when all you’ve believed in turned into a big lie, friends you thought are always ready to stand for you, are nothing more than ones of those who come and go, travelling through your soul like in a train station. All they leave behind is pain and endless disappointment. I would never write it if I haven’t felt it on my own skin and I did felt it. At the beginning I thought it wasn’t real and actually not happening to me, but when I opened my eyes widely, I could clearly see the reality that I consciously tried to hide, thinking that with the time things can change. Oh well, things do not change with the time, the only thing that they can do is become worse. For a few days I kept remembering and counting the things that I did wrong, but there was nothing that could definitely break a friendship, that probably was never a real. When no matter what you do is never good enough, means that its about to come to an end. We all mess up sometimes, but is it so hard to forgive your friend? Some things still cannot find a place in my head, because I don’t understand how could a friendship turn into hatred.  

When past is lost forever, when there is no chance to fix things and there’s no other way than to forget everything and go further, we finally understand that this is what people call “to grow up” and ” to see the truth” . You cannot build a future based on sorrow and qualms of conscience. In these moments, when the ground slips away, you put all the pieces together and try to make the right choice, the right decision. Some things will never be forgotten, but among sad memories, happy moments will always come as a caress. However, we can’t stuck in the past and cry for every lost friend. I bet life has prepared a lot more beautiful than what we’ve lost and thinking about the future, we find a hope – the light at the end of the tunnel.

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