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The desert in my soul


Days pass so slow. I keep counting the hours, minutes and seconds. Even if there is a really nice cold outside, I feel something warm coming from the inside, a bright, but limpness light. It’s an unbearable heat. Like the desert, my soul dried up of feelings and emotions. Sun dried the last flowers of happiness, and the winds raised sand storms that shake my thoughts.

We are immersed in troubles as in sand , once you fall into their trap , it’s not so easy to get out of it and is not certain that you could do that, ever. These visions we have when we are somewhere under the scorching sun are the same illusions that we create in our mind’s depths and that disappear with the first feeling of reality.

In the attempt to escape the heat and dryness, we find ourselves stuck in our own mistakes and looking behind,  we notice that all this time we’ve walked in circles and didn’t get anywhere. Deserts is an infinite of emotions, but also the place where we’re alone with our fears and obsessions.

There are only two options to choose: to die of thirst waiting for aid or to keep going even if you have already lost the hope that you’ll ever find the way back.  Such decisions we make everyday, when we wake up in the morning and consciously  fulfill our duty.

Deserts are for those who like to soar into adventures, to enjoy the moment and do crazy things, but I’m not neither an adventure lover nor a ‘ready for everything’, but I hopefully wait for a moment when I’ll say: ” let’s jump into this crazy world!”