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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art. 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 

We are free to express our points of view, our own opinion on what is happening around us. We are able to appreciate and use freedom as an opportunity for self-expression, because what lies within us, is an enormous power that can create a miracle, called ART. We are the youth and we can make the world listen to what we have to say. There is nothing more beautiful than the purity and sincerity that we nourish in our souls. We are sometimes frivolous, but we know when to stop, because what makes us special, is how we perceive and understand the world, how we notice those little things that some people hesitate, those things that are often overlooked, things that mean more than we could imagine.

Sometimes we feel a fear of what will happen if we say what we think, but many do it without thinking of the consequences. If you have something to say, and if you really believe in this, then nothing should stop you, because there is nothing more pleasant than to make yourself heard.

An artistic way to express your emotions, thoughts and ideas, is photography. This is a method that requires hard work, talent and artistism, in this case rules can be neglected. In each of us is even a small part of artistism and creativity that we develop during the life, all we have to do is to listen to our inner voice, to let the imagination out and not to be afraid of making mistakes or getting others’ criticism, because we learn from mistakes, and I think that in art, mistakes are just great ideas, maybe even strange, which essentially signify faith and determine our own style.

Maybe we need just a little hint or encouragement to become more brave, but nothing can stop us on the way to true art, the art of living.

Love is the only reality and

it is not a mere sentiment.

It is the ultimate truth that lies at the heart of creation. 

Photographs by Lily H.

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A day of november

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.  With all its colors, which of course we can’t compare with the bright color range of summer, autumn brings the shades of yellow, red and brown that stately covers the ground. The sky is bathing in light and azure color, but the sunset creates a wonderful warm color palette that draws our attention and automatically let us be carried away by the wave of pleasure. I don’t think I could find enough words to describe these magnificent pictures, but I know that at this time of the year we can easily find inspiration. Standing near the window in a thick knitted sweater, feeling warm, we think of those who are now outside in the wind and perhaps rain, but still enjoy that moment because after some time we’ll have to face the dancing leaves in the wind.

Foggy mornings are special in their own way. As if it’s cold and you hide your hands in the pocket so as not to freeze, but your eyes run from side to side to catch those moments of silence when you go to nowhere, when everything in front of you is just catching color. Fog renders the image of a mystery that we need sometimes, a picture of a story that makes you feel in an unusual place. Perhaps we all like to go through the leaves and get fun of it, that’s quite strange, but it brings so much happiness. As mornings are gloomy and we are melancholic at this time, anything strange could cheer us. After school/work is never enough time to chill out, but still you could find an interesting movie to watch or a good book to read and enjoy.

If sadness doesn’t let you smile, it’s never too late to serve a cup of hot chocolate and to nibble from a muffin with a delightful appearance. Just enjoying these divine tastes and living these moments you can truly feel happy.

What else do you need in a day of November?

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” they say being a male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age… but being a gentleman is a matter of choice “

Unfortunately, today gentlemen are a rarity. Many of the boys forget about the good manners and act like they have no obligations at all. We’ve almost forgot how a real man should look like. There are many things that men nowadays do not respect and moreover, many of them behave unjustly towards the female gender. Each boy receives some education in early years, but with the time and living environments, depending on friends and interests, some of them forget to be men, and act like losers. I do not want to be rude, but sometimes I wish that in my way would appear a real man who could make the male gender pride ourselves in the fullness meaning of this word.

These days a found a list of the rules to always being a gentleman and I think it’s worth reading and following :

  • Say ” Please” and “Thank You”;
  • Work hard;
  • Mind your manners;
  • Offer a woman your seat;
  • Don’t curse;
  • Extend a firm hand shake;
  • Keep your word;
  • Respect your elders;
  • Always make eye contact;
  • Open doors for others;
  • Stand up straight;
  • Stay well-groomed;
  • Act chivalrous;
  • Read books often ;
  • HAve a romantic sensibility;
  • Shy away from gossip;
  • Be punctual;
  • Love well;
  • Stay humble.

“A smart guy will open your mind, a good-looking man will open your eyes, but a gentleman will open your heart.”

A good-looking man is always an attractive one, but when he shows his good manners it’s even better. I think that men that wear suits are more handsome than those who have no style and wear sport clothes. But that’s only my point of view and I’m sure that many girl love those boys for their virtues  not for their type of clothing.

One day I had a great surprise, a strange boy gave me a rose, I guess that was because he was waiting for his girlfriend and she didn’t come.  But still, it was a very noble gesture. Not every day you get flowers, beautiful words in your address or even pleasant glances from men. However, it would be nice if at least once, women could feel wanted and appreciated for their way of being and men to be proud of their deeds.

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Life is short, but still …

   Life is short, but still we have so many things to do, so many people to meet, so many achievements to make and just one life to succeed in doing them. We need time, but we often waste it in vain. We have a long  life-experience to carry out, but there is almost nothing we do, to be who we want to be. Everyone agrees with the statement that life is short and we have a lot of things to do, highs to reach and experience to get. Nevertheless, we miss one little thing, perseverance.

In my opinion, life is a great possibility to make yourself remarkable and to reach all the goals you’ve set. My day starts with a well drafted plan, with a list of all the things I have to do, I must and I could not do if I won’t have enough time. As long as I do everything according to the plan, I get a good result in managing my time. At the end of the week I felt relieved, because I’ve done everything I’ve set out. Maybe that’s not the best way to manage to do as many things as possible, but at least this is a way  of not wasting my time in vain.

Life is short, but still a good possibility to become ‘somebody’ that could change the world (for the better, of course). We are strong, smart and powerful, the only thing to do is to reach new performances by working hard.

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A letter from Los Angeles

                                                                                                                     Dear friend,

I went to visit my relatives who came to live in the U.S., California, a long time ago.  My trip started from a small country named Moldova. Such a chance is not given to everyone. I’m pleased to the One who contributed to this change in my life, because I’ve got to see the beauty of  American life.

I took off from the airport of Moldova, arriving in Istanbul and from there got on a flight directly to Los Angeles! From here begins my Californian adventure.

The houses and streets leading from LAX to the house were a sight that not too much fascinated me, a terrible gray and tiny houses, while my expectations were skyscrapers and green parks filled with happy people walking with their dogs.

The difference between the time zone of my country and the time zone here is great, 10 hours.  I didn’t know how everything will be and especially the process of habituation with the time and climate from here.  After a few days I went to the supermarkets and shopping malls here and had a ride among the places were you can eat fast food, american people calling them simply: restaurants. When I was entering in a supermarket I realized that I’ve never seen so many kinds of drinks and dishes in my life.  I didn’t get to watch every kind of sauce, drinks and the variety of snacks that I was already  in a restaurant. Yes –  it’s fast food, yes – it’s cheap and tasty, yes – it’s not healthy, but I’m amazed that you can go when you want and fill your greedy stomach with a glass of soda or water. In Moldova, until you don’t pay more than $ 1 and 3 cents (16 MDL) you can not drink water, while here you can drink it free of charge; oh, what joy for a tourist like me :D.

In terms of appearance, of course, there is a huge difference if I start describing people from here. The taste in clothing at some of them is lacking, but still I stay at the opinion that clothes for them don’t really have a great value.  Americans are truly spiritual, we have met many believers, real people and they treated us so that we could feel to the equality.  Sure, I do not contradict the fact that here are also bandits and often happens many unpleasant cases, bad people are everywhere, especially in such a big country , full of tourists and people of different nationalities.

But ethical behavior they know,  they always smile ans have a good mood, they say  “Hi” and ” Goodbye” every time they meet a friend or just a person they’ve got acquainted recently and ask ” How are you?”. I have heard that others do not like their behavior saying that their smile is fake. Well, some of them haven’t even tried to smile to strangers when they’re in a good or bad mood.  These “others” aren’t taught to apologize, even if they block someone’s way or to thank someone for giving you the rest and the receipt at the shop. No wonder that Moldovan culture is left behind, like … almost everything.

I like to be surrounded by good people, friendly, funny and faithful. Such people I met here.  I’ve got acquainted with many people who  smiled to me, said ‘Welcome’ and covered me with compliments, thanks to them!

As I came here to be at my cousin’s wedding, Radu, not only I was so happy to be present at this event, but also the relatives of his wife, Tatiana, who came for a few days to guest.  It was nice to meet them, we’ve spent a really great time together. We went to Disney Land, I liked those carousels so much, so that I felt sick after that : D.  Just like this! The first time I went up into that type of  ‘machine’ , it dazed me for real.

But I saw what I dreamed to see when I was a kid, a real story. Toys, costumes, masks, candies and people who go with the Mickey’s ears. Anyway I liked it! The company, the joy, the story around and of course Pluto, with whom  I have a picture.
The next day, all of us (we where about 8 people), went in a rush to see Hollywood.

Along the way, we turn on the free way. Oh, I love free way, especially how the streets are here in America, 2 times wider than in Moldova. It’s a little messed up and yet if  there is not traffic, you can fly with the car on the road. In the evening there is a real light show.

When we came to Los Angeles, I started to photograph the town with the head coming out from the hatch, the wind was blowing in my face and my hair flying, there were many cars around, no one noticed me, good for me.

It was really crowded in Hollywood, on a city street.  Trampled by the pedestrians were the stars with the names of the most famous people . As you can see, here I’m acting like Chuck Norris.

Some people were giving fly sheets with ads of excursion through the city. Eventually we arrived at a place with firm stores. While we were walking we wondered of people dressed in costumes of famous characters (sometimes quite kinky) and walking down the street waiting for a fan of theirs to approach them ​​to pay $ 2 and make a picture with them I enter in this category :D . Darth Vader! Star Wars is the best!.

So, done with Hollywood, we all went to the car, because the next stop is Beverly Hills! I took a few pictures of the sign coming into town and we went further  to see a street filled with increasingly expensive shops and beautiful cars, so unavailable to mere mortals like us. Gucci, Versace, Dolce Gabbana, Fendi , all of them extremely expensive. Besides all these surprises, I found the fastest car in the world when we were walking on Rodeo Street, so beautiful, it was a big row to get a picture with it.

That’s it for the beginning. Keep waiting for new photos and info !

With love,

Lily H ! <3

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Love and Creation

Love is the only explanation for our spiritual experiences, for the emotions that surrounds our soul, for the attraction to beauty and for countless sacrifices in the name of  ideality.  Love is a secret potion with a strange composition, but extremely efficient. This balm twists and turns our mind, raises our wings so that we could fly high, it makes our heart beat faster and faster, and we, the victims of a true love, get carried by the waves of pleasure. Creation is the child of  love, because love creates the most pure and divine feelings and experiences. Love inspires and motivates us to reach the new heights,  to create ourselves as personalities and get perfection in everything we do. Love is an urge to create the human being as a symbol of eternity. The most famous creators loved and sacrificed their love and life entirely, just to bring the world a work of art that will remain forever in the hearts of humankind. From these masterpieces are falling down tears of toil and pain, but their beauty is too great to notice these insignificant drops, because love and creation enlightens our body and soul.  All that remains to do is to admire the things we do from the heart and strive to find the reason of  life. We ought to love and fight for what makes us truly happy.

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Take Care!

Life is a hard and unfortunately short thing, that’s why we have to enjoy every moment of it. There are people who have no family, have no friends and no people who could take care of them and be close in a hard time. But those who have this treasure of happiness, don’t know how to appreciate the fate for giving it to them. Every second, every minute of our life is a great opportunity to take care of the people we love, to spend some time with them, to feel complete being with them. I heard many people saying that they’re busy, that on the first place is work and they make money to offer a better future for their kids. Yes, I agree that’s an absolute truth, but what about the kids who spend their childhood at the kindergarten away from their parents, what about the kids who don’t see their parents for days? What kind of “care” is that, if kids don’t even know what means to have a family, to be surrounded of love and have beautiful memories from that time when you were little. Taking care of someone is the best thing we can do in life, to dedicate a part of us to somebody who’s worth it. Take care of people you love, because it’s so hard when you lose them!

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Under the sun

Cheryl – Under The Sun

” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase
I can see the sun is shining bright right on through the haze
I complain to say
Is this really my life
Now that I’m over you, and I’m sober too
I can finally feel alive
But I won’t give you my heart, cause it don’t break twice
Just to let you know, let you know
And if you play the part, and play it real nice
Baby I’ll let go, I’ll let go”

This song is so full of shine and happiness, that’s the reason I decided to write some good words about the sun. Every ray of sunlight predicts the beginning of a brand new day. The sun makes the day a little bit special, it lights all the good moments of the day and maybe make them better, just because of the sunshine. I could probably guess that everyone feels special under the sun or just looking at it, taking this as a good sign or just a beautiful moment to enlighten the soul. We are all equal before the sun, it sometimes makes us forget the sadness and grief, at least for a moment. ” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase… ” that’s true, but why to waste such a sunny day on complaining about every little thing that make us feel upset. Let’s be happy under the sun, but for those who don’t have a possibility to enjoy watching the sunshine, I propose to listen the song above to catch the sunrays ! :)

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Inspiration List #2

Today romanticism is in the air. Love stories and happy endings, kisses under the moonlight and overwhelming outfits. My list is:


“A kiss is a lovely trick, designed by nature, to stop words when speech becomes unnecessary.”   Ingrid Bergman


South– A place in Displacement


Frank Sinatra – L.O.V.E.


A cup of tea and a warm blanket.


“Perhaps the feelings that we experience when we are in love represent a normal state. Being in love shows a person who he should be.”Anton Chekhov

6. The movie: My week with Marilyn.

7. The movie: Last night 


 “It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not.”  – Andre Gide 


“I don’t mind living in a man’s world as long as I can be a woman in it.”
– Marilyn Monroe


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Under my umbrella!

Rainy clouds covered the sky and people covered the streets with their umbrellas. Today I had a great opportunity to watch the people hiding from rain, some of them choose the eaves of houses, shops and other places, but they stay there not for a long time. A real help is given by umbrellas, which protect us from the cold raindrops. But that’s not important, at least not so important as my question at that time was: What do we usually pay attention at, the beauty of the umbrella itself or at what’s under it? We may admire the colour, shape and size of the umbrella, but the most rarely we discover what an umbrella is hiding.

An umbrella is a retreat from the rest of the world, some couples have their first kiss ( it’s very romantic kissing in the rain) under umbrella, someone makes a nice gesture giving to someone else a place under his umbrella, but unfortunately it does not happen too often. Anyway, it is always a good thing for a man to act gentle and of course for a woman to have a little umbrella in her bag. Honestly, I wish I had an umbrella every time the rain starts, but all I have is just a wet look after all. That’s why my advise for you is not to be lazy and check the weather forecast before leaving the house.

                  Have a nice and sunny day !

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