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A little bit of Paris

    We started this spring with a magical Parisian atmosphere given by one of the most inspiring cafe ” Crème de la Crème “. Delicious cakes and aromatic coffees, good music and a comfortable place for meetings, lunch, dinner or just for a familiar party. Assortment of sweets and cakes is quite big, starting with the most usual biscuits, there are also the famous macarons and other tasty food, drinks and dainty. And a small piece of advice: go there earlier, cause by the evening the most special sweets are already eaten.

Best wishes for you !

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She fell in love with Paris

   Her last trip to Paris lasted six days, six wonderful days. What could be better than walking on the streets of Paris admiring the Tour Eiffel and other wonders of architecture? As she said: ” I wanna move to Paris, I want to live there! “. This is an amazing place where you can find yourself, spend time with your loved one, go shopping and drink Starbucks frapuccino with donuts.

Have a nice week and don’t forget to add Paris to your travel list ! ;)

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What can you do if you’re tired of the week routine, if you’re too bored to read books, if your fridge is empty when you have a strong desire of something delicious, if you can’t just simply find an interesting movie to watch and laying in bad watching stupid shows on TV?  Well, my answer is: Go Out! Invite a friend, take a camera, some money, find a cool place to spend time  there and your entertainment is guaranteed. Do some funny pics, laugh, create an atmosphere that will make you feel inspired or even fresh.  After finishing all my work for the week , I took a deep breath and felt much relieved, cause I was absolutely ready for a relaxing day and for some time to prepare for the following week. So, you see I’m very happy here and I was enjoying the day without regarding the cold that was freezing my fingers up to the top. No matter how the weather is and in what conditions you’re supposed to be, you’re the one who is dealing with feelings, the one who can control everything and make things better. Feel like a boss and act correctly, if you don’t want to be a couch potatoes for the rest of your life!

 Enjoy your Sunday! ;)  

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Valentine’s Day Cards!

I’m very excited that in two days is the Valentine’s Day, a day full of love and affection. This week I was inspired to make some simple cards and I suppose they look very cute. The main idea was to express the atmosphere of love in each of them and to create such a symbol of simplicity and uniqueness.

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2nd day off: Winter view

   Snow is extremely beautiful in the middle of winter, when is cold outside and when people with red noses are walking very focused to not fall down because of ice. It’s funny and dangerous in the same time, but what makes us forget about these problems, is the snow, white and sparkly. My wish is to grab my sledge and remember my sweet childhood, but what a pity, the snow is not enough for such a walk. I’m still hoping for the next weeks to bring some more snow, so that I could make my dream come true.

Have a nice week and a good mood ;) !

1st day off !

  I honestly cannot imagine my life without those two days I have at the  weekends. If you had a hard and exhausting week, you’ll probably understand how sweet, saint and pleasant are these days for me. Besides, for such an “event” you shouldn’t stay home and lay in bad all day long. A useful and much more interesting activity could be: going out with friends for a coffee or just for a walk in the park. No matter how cold the weather is, put on some warm clothes and don’t waste your time, while you could do something new or just relax doing funny things, spending a really good time. That’s just like I did: a friendly company; a warm and comfortable place; apple pie latte, cappuccino and a kind of cheese cake with an unknown for me name and a camera on my own. What could be better ? Nothing but some music that makes you feel like in the 70s, love songs that reflect a romantic atmosphere and freedom of feelings. Here are some of them:

  1.  Louis Armstrong – We Have All The Time In The World
  2. Frank Sinatra – Cheek To Cheek
  3. Judy Garland – Over The Rainbow
  4. The Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
  5.  Malcolm Roberts – May I Have The Next Dream With You
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Happy B-day sis !!!

9 years passed since my little lovely sister has born. I was waiting for her nine months and now, she’s 9 years old. I wish her all the best and to an exemplary girl. She knows how much I love her and she loves me too … that’s why we made her the sweetest cake and the funniest party :) Preparations, emotions, a little bit of drama, but how can we be without that? nevertheless we’re glad that the ninth birthday passed successfully .                  Happy Birthday !  

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If I had a world on my own…

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn’t. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn’t be. And what it wouldn’t be, it would. You see ?

      – Alice in Wonderland

   Every night I put my head on the pillow, a lot of thoughts envelop me. These thoughts aren’t usual, I’m thinking of a better place to live even if I do not regret nothing of my real life. The itch of travelling might be the main reason why I’m so dreamy. I just imagine how I’m walking on the empty streets admiring the architecture of Paris, tasting a blackberry cake in a cafeteria and breathing the romantic air from the highest level of the Tour Eiffel. I would run all over the mountain Machu Picchu and scream loud ”I’ve acquired freedom” cause that is how I would be. I would build a house in a tree and make myself a little place of refuge from the backbreaking days.

If I had a world on my own I would pray to the God to let the closer to me people  live forever and never let them go, I’d try to make the world a better place to live and a peaceful one. I would make every morning a tale for us, a magical place in the universe will be our home and the sun will light the darkest corners in such a way that everything will seem a miracle. I would make the wind blow and bring with him all the happiness hidden from our eyes and let it surround the most desperate souls.

If I had to choose between a life with problems and a life without them, I’d rather choose the first alternative, because there is no better way to learn from your mistakes than when you solve problems with your own forces. I’d like to emphasize the thing that life is a wonderful game, if you do not follow the rules you’re out, if you’re never falling down you’re not gonna know how to stand up and win the game. I would change money into sweets to make our days much funnier. Can you imagine how would it be when you receive instead of money, sweets? You’ll probably be stunned and in the same time glad to have a wallet full of chocolate and other dainty .   

It might sound familiar to you, because I’d make nights longer. I cannot have enough sleep at night and that makes me feel upset and exhausted all day long, I’ll be very grateful for some hours more. I would make the rule a silly joke and stop listening to the advises given by people who doesn’t understand what they are talking about. If I had a strong power, I would change all the sad faces into happy and smiling ones, and all the fears would disappear making ourselves more confident.

My fancied world is absolutely different from the real one, cause it’s just a foolish dream, but what really makes us hope for something better than we have is our wish and no longer our strong desire which starts materializing step by step. I’m not Alice in Wonderland to hear animals talking and chess figures playing together with the Red Queen, but the only thing I would take as a description of my world is ” Believe in the most impossible possibilities! “. Maybe I’ll really build a house in a tree…. What would you do if you had a world on your own ?

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10 steps to be happy

It’s not about forcing HAPPINESS, it’s about not letting the SADNESS win.
  1. Live the present ! Try to be aware that life is happening now, in this moment, in the place where you are, with the people that surround you. There is no sin in remembering the past, it may be constructive to have plans for the future … but what  really matters is actually the present day, your moves, actions and feelings. Just live the moment!
  2. Take Action! I’m sure there are a lot of things you did not have time, but always wanted to do: dancing, cooking, travelling, doing sport or other interesting activities wich secrete endorphins, known as the hormone of happiness. Strive to at least once a year to visit a place you’ve never been before, to practise an activity you’ve never tried to do and stop being lazy, this is never gonna help whatever you’d do. Be a part of something you don’t know and let your worries behind.
  3. Make time for friends! Always in a hurry, busy, a lot of problems, concerns and absolutely no time for friends. Nevertheless we should maintain the relationship with friends, see each other more often, go somewhere or just spend a good time, cause nothing and no one could ever replace our friends and the happiness they bring.
  4. Sweeten your life! As is well-known, chocolate and other sweets help us take the stress away, so everyday eat a little piece of something sweet and your mood will rise considerably. Cook an unknown kind of dessert and enjoy the preparation time and the result itself.
  5. Find out what you really want! Just imagine that you are very old and you have a little time to live. Thinking about the past, about your life, what would you like to remember? What would be nice to do and you did not? Where you like to travel, with whom you would have spent more time? And, above all, what kind of person you wanted to be? It is necessary to materialize some things not to regret over the time, when you had an opportunity to do something but you didn’t. Furthermore, it’s a pleasure to remember the thing you brought over many years, moments of your life, things you did,people you met, cities you have visited.
  6. Put heart and soul in everything you do! It does not matter what you do, even the tiniest thing must be done carefully, from heart. Put your soul in what you do and you’ll feel such a satisfaction at the end that it will reward the effort .
  7. Be grateful! Gratitude is an important ingredient of happiness. Think of five things that is deserve to be grateful to and remember them when you feel wronged or unhappy. Don’t forget to say ”thank you”, it seems to be just an unimportant phrase, but it makes you feel accomplished when you hear the same gratitude backward.
  8. Routine away! Try to do, more often, what you have never done. Only those who dare to try something new, can evolve. Moreover, obstacles you manage to overcome, give you confidence. It might be interesting to discover something new for you, and you will get rid of boring things done every day, you’ll colour your life and your face will shine of happiness.
  9. Care of yourself! Take care of your body, feed it well and do everything you can to look better. You can’t be happy if you do not like your reflection in the mirror or if you don’t feel good about yourself. Caring about yourself is in a way a part of your self-esteem, it makes you feel confident and wanted.
  10. Pastimes ! Forget about all, make a break and just have fun. Step in the nearest Cafe, call your friends and have a fancy dinner or make a small party at your house, invite a group of people and organize funny conferences. Go to the gym, make some fitness exercises, swim, take some courses of painting or other arty activities. The things listed below are the smallest part of the pastimes a person could have. For example, I collect pictures with different places, people, fashion styles and it makes me really happy, especially if I stick them on the wall it has an awesome look.
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