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When past is lost forever, the future is the only safe shelter

largeOur actions are as strong as a stone, our dreams – as  fleeting as a summer breeze,  our soul is unprotected, sometimes lost, sometimes hopeless… but we still keep living, making mistakes, loosing and winning, loving and hating, thinking that the only way to survive is to keep going and never stop.

There is such a moment when all you’ve believed in turned into a big lie, friends you thought are always ready to stand for you, are nothing more than ones of those who come and go, travelling through your soul like in a train station. All they leave behind is pain and endless disappointment. I would never write it if I haven’t felt it on my own skin and I did felt it. At the beginning I thought it wasn’t real and actually not happening to me, but when I opened my eyes widely, I could clearly see the reality that I consciously tried to hide, thinking that with the time things can change. Oh well, things do not change with the time, the only thing that they can do is become worse. For a few days I kept remembering and counting the things that I did wrong, but there was nothing that could definitely break a friendship, that probably was never a real. When no matter what you do is never good enough, means that its about to come to an end. We all mess up sometimes, but is it so hard to forgive your friend? Some things still cannot find a place in my head, because I don’t understand how could a friendship turn into hatred.  

When past is lost forever, when there is no chance to fix things and there’s no other way than to forget everything and go further, we finally understand that this is what people call “to grow up” and ” to see the truth” . You cannot build a future based on sorrow and qualms of conscience. In these moments, when the ground slips away, you put all the pieces together and try to make the right choice, the right decision. Some things will never be forgotten, but among sad memories, happy moments will always come as a caress. However, we can’t stuck in the past and cry for every lost friend. I bet life has prepared a lot more beautiful than what we’ve lost and thinking about the future, we find a hope – the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Another letter from LA

Dear friend,

the second half of my holiday passed quiet. While a huge silence covered the house, something awoke in my soul and I realised that I miss my friends and colleagues so much. The lonely days passed so slowly.  I impatiently waited for my birthday, it was so strange to feel that the days were warm and beautiful in October.

In a working day I didn’t really manage to do or to see too much. In the morning everyone was going to work and I was staying home. I tried to wake up early and to run to the notebook to find my friends ‘online’. All my holiday I slept no more than 10 hours, which definitely does represent me. Well, that’s what can friendship do.

So, by the time everyone was returning home I couldn’t go anywhere. I was eating, ‘navigating’ on the internet or reading. Then, if I had some luck, in the evening I could go with my mother somewhere, mostly she was too tired so I was staying at home. In the weekends I could feel the freedom. I went to the ocean, a really great place. We saw sea stars, dried seaweed on the sand, my feet soaked in soft waves. I liked it. The waves were not big enough and I didn’t have the opportunity to see surfers. But the view was amazing, especially the sunset and the sunrise.

The second trip I expected was in a botanical garden. The Huntington Library – a large garden with amazing species of plants, greenhouses and art museums. What pleasant it was to watch the wonders of nature, I never thought that there could be so many kinds of cactuses (I’d grow cactuses  instead of flowers in my garden). It was a hot day, but the  art museum helped me, cause in it was cooler. I admired the paintings and I got inspired by them.

The most interesting thing I saw there, was how the killer whales were splashing huge waves on the people standing in the first rows. I wish I had such a bath, cause the day were very hot indeed. For the first time in my life October 17  had all 30 degrees.

My last days I spent with the little Abie, I could say that I was a great nanny. All this beautiful holiday I spent with the camera in my hands and it was awesome, but now I really have to go back home.

With love, Lily.


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LOL- laughing out loud

Three girls, two boys and a lot of fun !

See her smile? It’s gorgeous ! And I’m glad I have such a friend that always smiles and it’s always in good mood. 

This day was a memorable one, not just because we were finally together but because we had a lot of funny moments and we were happy being closer. So that’s the most important thing in a real friendship… being CLOSER.

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The A-Z of Friendship

A Friend…

accepts you as you are,

believes in ” you” ,

calls you just to say ”HI”,

doesn’t give up on you,

envisions the whole of you

(even the unfinished parts),

forgives your mistakes,

gives unconditionally,

helps you,

invites you over,

just ”is” with you,

keeps you close at heart,

loves you for who you are,

makes a difference in your life,

never judges,

offers support,

picks you up when you fall,

quiets your fears,

raises your spirits ,

says nice things about you,

tells you the truth when you need to hear it,

understands you,

values you,

walks beside you,

(x) – explains things you don’t understand,

yells when you won’t listen and

zaps you back to reality.

A friend is someone we turn to

When our spirits need a lift,

A fiend is someone we treasure

For our friendship is a gift,

A fiend is someone who fills our lives

With Beauty, Joy, and Grace,

And makes the world we live in

a Better and Happier Place.


Happy Birthday, Keit !!!


 Sixteen years ago was born a little blonde girl with blue eyes. I didn’t knew you that time, but till four years that we spent in the same class were enough to understand what kind of person are you, a beautiful and smart girl, intelligent and a really good friend. Even if you’re far away now and I can’t tell you face to face, I want to wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY , a lot of love, happiness, health and your dreams to come true.          

You know that probably you were not my ,, BEST ” friend, but you did a lot, really helped and still support me  :) .  I think you’re a little different than the other people I know, you have your own visions and thoughts, you are simple but in the same time sophisticated, you always know what you want and do the right choices.                                                     

For these years we studied together you helped me understand a lot of things and accomplish something new, you are that person who is always kind and courteous, you help me take hard decisions and never act like you don’t care, even if you feel really bad.    I honestly say that you’re a great person, a star shinnnig all day long and that’s not only cause of your hair :D .                                                                                                         

As Ralth Waldo Emerson said: ,, To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying tomake you something else is the greatest accomplishment ”,  you are always yourself never fake, you say always what’s on your mind, you’re truthful and understanding.                                                                                                                         

I wanna say a big Thank You to your mum who gave you life and that education you have , and of course to you, cause for all that time you were here I learned only good thing and spent a really great time with you and not just me, I listened to your advices and had the oportunity to be your friend and still am.                                                                      

You always tell me to be confident and to believe in myself and that’s what I try to do, that’s what we all do actually, we’re never gonna gave up realizing our dreams, cause we can, just with a little help.                                                                                                                

I want you to know that I’m always going be on your side, be your friend, support, help, give a piece of advice and amuze ( if it will be necessary :D ) no matter where you are. Thank you for all the days you make me smile !




A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more.


Friendship is the most beautifull thing in this life . Almost everybody is searching for an ideal friend, but nobody’s perfect. I don’t think that an ideal friend really exists, but it could have a lot of good gualities , like being friendly with other people, being smart, honest, communicable, merciful, sincere, trustworthy and responsible. A good friend is the one who’s close to you and supports you in everything, it’s a person you can base on. I suppose that an ideal friend doesn’t mean somebody who does everything right and who is perfect, a real friend is somebody you have something in common with. Usually there are some misunderstandings between friends, but this is fleeting.

Be friendly, make friends and don’t ever forget that friendship is an amazing thing. It is something you can’t buy and you can afford it only with a pure heart and a big wish.

„ An ideal friend is like a masterpiece, you can look at it, wonder and dream about it, but never have . ”