The way you treat yourself, sets the standards for others.

large (11)hhh   Each of us is a unique personality, unique in its own way and what distinguishes us is not just the appearance, but also the spirit, the self-esteem and most importantly – education. We are beings willing to change and we’re always looking for something new, but sometimes we forget about ourselves. Here I don’t mean the kind of respect for other people, but for ourselves, the way we present to the world that surrounds us, the way of talking, communicating, the way of “playing” our individuality and the impressions that we make. In this chapter many of us have a lot to work, but that’s not the problem.

It is known that the way you treat yourself and behave, it’s exactly the way people will behave, it’s like setting the standards. If you’re always sad and pessimistic, neither the world will smile you back and you won’t get the spiritual warmth if you’re cold as ice. People must know how to love themselves, measurably, and how to make others love you instead. If you respect yourself, others will respect you, too, maybe even more. It is no need to close yourself and be inaccessible to the good intentions of others. There is nothing more pleasant than the company of a man who behaves with you so, as you truly deserve, with respect, no more no less. The underestimation is not acceptable, we are talking about serious things, but it can also be a cause of many people who cannot get out of their own world from that place of comfort.

If we had a bit of courage, we could become more open to the world and also to ourselves; we could discover something new that was hidden inside. The secret to success is in the self-confidence and no one but us can change something. If you smile, people will smile you back and you’ll be treated with care, warmth and respect. If you trust in yourself and in your own strengths, those who surround you will not only trust you but will gain confidence in themselves, which is not less important.large (11)

Of course, we have the power to change something in people: their opinion, their vision about life, but only if we are sure that it’s really necessary, because not everyone can agree with you. No matter what other people say, a point of view is always a personal kind of vision and it needs respect. Therefore, self-esteem is an important branch in the formation of a proper standard which will serve as instructions to those who will try to ‘read’ you, so they will know how to do it correctly. In the real meaning, this would be the way a person approaches you, the way a person behaves with you and how does the speaking go. Consequently, we should set the limits from the beginning and show what kind of personality we are, without exaggeration, of course. We can make huge steps, reach heights, do the best to be the best, but first, we should believe, believe that we can do it and that’s how all the people will treat us like: he/she is the ONE who can do IT.

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