A day of november

Autumn is a wonderful time of the year.  With all its colors, which of course we can’t compare with the bright color range of summer, autumn brings the shades of yellow, red and brown that stately covers the ground. The sky is bathing in light and azure color, but the sunset creates a wonderful warm color palette that draws our attention and automatically let us be carried away by the wave of pleasure. I don’t think I could find enough words to describe these magnificent pictures, but I know that at this time of the year we can easily find inspiration. Standing near the window in a thick knitted sweater, feeling warm, we think of those who are now outside in the wind and perhaps rain, but still enjoy that moment because after some time we’ll have to face the dancing leaves in the wind.

Foggy mornings are special in their own way. As if it’s cold and you hide your hands in the pocket so as not to freeze, but your eyes run from side to side to catch those moments of silence when you go to nowhere, when everything in front of you is just catching color. Fog renders the image of a mystery that we need sometimes, a picture of a story that makes you feel in an unusual place. Perhaps we all like to go through the leaves and get fun of it, that’s quite strange, but it brings so much happiness. As mornings are gloomy and we are melancholic at this time, anything strange could cheer us. After school/work is never enough time to chill out, but still you could find an interesting movie to watch or a good book to read and enjoy.

If sadness doesn’t let you smile, it’s never too late to serve a cup of hot chocolate and to nibble from a muffin with a delightful appearance. Just enjoying these divine tastes and living these moments you can truly feel happy.

What else do you need in a day of November?

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