Under the sun

Cheryl – Under The Sun

” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase
I can see the sun is shining bright right on through the haze
I complain to say
Is this really my life
Now that I’m over you, and I’m sober too
I can finally feel alive
But I won’t give you my heart, cause it don’t break twice
Just to let you know, let you know
And if you play the part, and play it real nice
Baby I’ll let go, I’ll let go”

This song is so full of shine and happiness, that’s the reason I decided to write some good words about the sun. Every ray of sunlight predicts the beginning of a brand new day. The sun makes the day a little bit special, it lights all the good moments of the day and maybe make them better, just because of the sunshine. I could probably guess that everyone feels special under the sun or just looking at it, taking this as a good sign or just a beautiful moment to enlighten the soul. We are all equal before the sun, it sometimes makes us forget the sadness and grief, at least for a moment. ” We all get lonely days
Get stuck in a phase… ” that’s true, but why to waste such a sunny day on complaining about every little thing that make us feel upset. Let’s be happy under the sun, but for those who don’t have a possibility to enjoy watching the sunshine, I propose to listen the song above to catch the sunrays ! :)

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