Under my umbrella!

Rainy clouds covered the sky and people covered the streets with their umbrellas. Today I had a great opportunity to watch the people hiding from rain, some of them choose the eaves of houses, shops and other places, but they stay there not for a long time. A real help is given by umbrellas, which protect us from the cold raindrops. But that’s not important, at least not so important as my question at that time was: What do we usually pay attention at, the beauty of the umbrella itself or at what’s under it? We may admire the colour, shape and size of the umbrella, but the most rarely we discover what an umbrella is hiding.

An umbrella is a retreat from the rest of the world, some couples have their first kiss ( it’s very romantic kissing in the rain) under umbrella, someone makes a nice gesture giving to someone else a place under his umbrella, but unfortunately it does not happen too often. Anyway, it is always a good thing for a man to act gentle and of course for a woman to have a little umbrella in her bag. Honestly, I wish I had an umbrella every time the rain starts, but all I have is just a wet look after all. That’s why my advise for you is not to be lazy and check the weather forecast before leaving the house.

                  Have a nice and sunny day !

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