Inspiration List

  Everyone needs something that will bring inspiration and a good mood every day. When I’m fed up of everyday routine, I watch a movie, listen to a song or just read something and my mood rises quickly. I decided to share with you things that inspire me. So, at the beginning of every week I’ll list down 10 things that make me an inspired person. Here are the first 10 things:

1. This is a new blog I found recently and I already like it :


3. The book Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Brontë, you can also watch the movie Jane Eyre (2011) .

4. This quotation is pure truth:

Travel enables us to enrich our lives with new experiences, to enjoy and to be
educated, to learn respect for foreign cultures, to establish friendships, and
above all to contribute to international cooperation and peace throughout the
world ” –  Jules Verne .

5. Food is a great source of inspiration. Especially in summer, the most healthy are fruits. I try to make fruit salads everyday, cause after that I get the necessary amount of vitamins, energy and good mood.

6. Navy theme. I like everything about it: the anchor, the shells, white and blue stripes, sailing ships and captain’s hat. All this remember me of the great time I spent at the sea, but also give new ideas for some accessories in a maritime style.

7. The range of colors for nail polish:  8. A walk in the park is a good possibility to find something interesting and have a good time. Scientist say that a walk in the park may have psychological benefits for people suffering from depression.

9. If you want to start a day with the smile on your face, you should do a little effort to wake up early and watch the sun rising. That’s a rare beauty and it’s totally worth it.

10. There is one more thing that inspire me everyday, all day long, this “thing” is my family and friends, people I can’t live without. No matter how sad you are, make a call and your day will be full of bright colours and catchy events.

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