Blooming words


As a wellspring of knowledge, the book teaches and guides you. The book is your best friend, close in good and bad moments of your life, with which you can share emotions and feelings and it will share its own with you. A book is something you must have in a summer vacation or in a friday evening when the only thing that could save you from the exhausting week you’ve had, is an old romantic story about a deep and true love.

These simple words that mean so much, nourish  your soul with blossoms, make you feel like you’re a part of the story. Each word has its own significance and place in the text, each word make everything come clearer.

Every single word is a part of a whole forgery taken from the real life. But sometimes it happens so, that the only remedy is a happy ending story and the cloud of negative emotions that covered the sun will fade away.

Words are concrete, they’re never misleading and written just to complete a sentence. Words are like the musical notes, they make each story sound melodious, so let’s keep their music going on.

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One thought on “Blooming words

  1. Mike10613 says:

    I like the photos

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