Never Ending Song

After a long and difficult year of studying, I felt relieved when I started my first “trip” abroad. I have never felt so winged and happy. The moment when I saw for the first time the sunrise in another country than my homeland, made me think about how many doors could open if I will just make one step to escape from everything I’ve been used to and let new beginnings come into my world. Writing these words I live an experience I’ve been waiting for so long.

On the road, the only things that could keep me awake were the headphones and camera, thanks to them I didn’t miss any beautiful moments of sunset and sunrise.

When I arrived at the main place my heart started beating faster and faster like a whole adventure story was waiting to begin. Unfortunately, it wasn’t an adventure, it was better than this, I had lived a real fairytale. Every morning brought a new inspiring, and I honestly say, amazing day. I saw the sea after the sunset when darkness covered the sky, but there was no difference between day and night, the sea looked more deep and mysterious under the moonlight. I couldn’t imagine how long was it, it looked so endless, so as I felt an impulsion to jump in water and let myself led by the waves, but what a pity, cause I can’t swim.

Fortunately, this “small” problem did not affect too much my little world of pleasure.  I thought I could switch on my player and listen to music while sunbathing or even read a book, but however I tried, all my thoughts were gone with the waves. I admired the beauty  that surrounded me, I was hypnotized. I remember everything like it was yesterday, even if only a few weeks passed.

A never-ending song, a never-ending remembrance, a place of retreat. Nothing but a song of freedom, just one place that makes us feel different; think different; become different, better, more understanding, conscientious. Only a place that has no restrictions and rules may give you a truly feeling of happiness. My place is at the seaside, under the blue sky and shining sun.

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