Feeling alive

   As the sun spread its rays in my window, I felt a warm tickling that woke me up. My day has already begun.

   A new day is always a chance to find something new. Even if you don’t know what to expect, you’re so intrigued that you can’t wait to start the day and see what’s going to be. The fresh air is making my soul fall in a pleasant dizziness. Everything around takes bright colors. I can’t get enough of all I see and feel, but it’s wonderful, spring is wonderful ! All those happy and satisfied faces walking on the street in their colorful clothes. Beauty overwhelms me. 

These days I had a lack of inspiration, until I saw his smile. Maybe a coincidence, maybe a sign, but that anonymous boy looked straight at me and smiled. It’s a strange, but extremely different feeling. It awakened me and motivated to look differently at what surrounds me. I kept smiling till I got home.

Almost all of us go to work, then on the same way back home and rarely raise our heads to admire the beauty of nature. Too busy to see, too concentrated to enjoy. I am impressed by others cleverness of ignoring mornings in hurry, spilling some drops of coffee on the shirt, the satisfaction of eating a chocolate in the break, the alluring smell of bystanders perfume.

Blue sky, trees blooming, singing birds and sleepy mornings make my spring special. And however my mood will be, I will always close my eyes and imagine a picture of a sunny day, astonishing smells of fresh grass, flowers and birds.

           Keep your eyes wide open !

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