Give me back my bed !

   I never imagined that I could wake up in the morning and feel confused of not knowing what day it is, but such things happen and today it happened to me. I kept laying in bed and admiring the beautiful sun shining through the window and I was so willing to sleep and so angry on my mum that was telling me really loud: ” Come on! Get up!” The only wish I had, was to take my bed with me and when no one is looking, to close my eyes and continue my sleep. The confusion took less than two minutes, but the thing is that I though it’s Saturday. I was really disappointed realizing that it’s still Wednesday. My last “discovery” was that actually today is the leap day, that happens once in four years and probably that is the reason of my disorder. So, now I’m finally alone with my soft bed, ready for another night that I hope will pass slower that the previous one and I could get some pleasure, cause mornings are sometimes very unpleasant and annoying.

Wish you a happy and successful spring! ;)

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