What can you do if you’re tired of the week routine, if you’re too bored to read books, if your fridge is empty when you have a strong desire of something delicious, if you can’t just simply find an interesting movie to watch and laying in bad watching stupid shows on TV?  Well, my answer is: Go Out! Invite a friend, take a camera, some money, find a cool place to spend time  there and your entertainment is guaranteed. Do some funny pics, laugh, create an atmosphere that will make you feel inspired or even fresh.  After finishing all my work for the week , I took a deep breath and felt much relieved, cause I was absolutely ready for a relaxing day and for some time to prepare for the following week. So, you see I’m very happy here and I was enjoying the day without regarding the cold that was freezing my fingers up to the top. No matter how the weather is and in what conditions you’re supposed to be, you’re the one who is dealing with feelings, the one who can control everything and make things better. Feel like a boss and act correctly, if you don’t want to be a couch potatoes for the rest of your life!

 Enjoy your Sunday! ;)  

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2 thoughts on “Hey,weekend!

  1. D. says:

    Karmiii I loveeee you <333333333

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