Love is like a firework

   Most people don’t believe in love at first sight. I also do not believe as far as I know that these feelings are just sympathy, nothing else. One thing I could say for sure, love is something extremely unexplainable. A lot of chemical reactions happen while simply meeting the boy/girl of your dreams. Like many other beings, we use to fail when choosing our partners, and this situation I could compare with a mix of totally wrong solutions that lead to explosion.

Love, a pleasurable thing, with no instruction and prescriptions. Luckily we’re able to make the choice, the right one, and be totally convinced in it. On one side, it’s a feeling that cannot be compared with any other, especially for its way of serious approaching. On the other side, is a really painful state of mind, which makes us nervous and aggressive. It may look like I’m talking about it from a really bad side, but it’s just a little part, the smallest one.

Have you ever seen the fireworks blowing in different colours and shapes? If yes, then you’ll probably understand why I associated love with them. At the beginning fireworks are small and unseen till they get the highest point, they get bigger and bigger, much more wonderful and magnificent, just like love between two people. The real love can shine much more or even less  than a firework in the sky, but the beauty will never change throughout life. The firework in your heart will always shine bright if you’ll keep your eyes open and your heart competent to reach the top of love.

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