Love from A to Z

LOVE is …

Aability to appreciate what real feelings;

Bbest emotions you’ve ever had;

C common affair;   D destiny;

E- enough patience for all misunderstandings;

F- fancy smiles;   G- gentle touches;   Hhonesty;   Iinspiration;        

J- jabbering;   Kkisses;  

L- long nights;

M- moonlight view;  

N- nifty outfits;

O– original surprises;                

P- pastimes;   

Q- quiet moments;

Rrespect ;    Ssupport;   T- thirsty souls;  

U- unforgettable experiences;   V- virginity;

W- warmth;    X- x-identifier;

Y- yummy;   Z- zest.

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