I just adore bags, of different styles and colours, materials and forms, they are all amazing and that’s because I practically dedicated this post to them BAGS! First of all I’d like to say that a bag is one of the main accessory a woman should have in her wardrobe. Basically, a bag is like a mirror, it shows your personal style and preferences, it’s your individuality and you can choose one or more just for you and nobody else. Bags aren’t always a piece of an outfit, day by day we use bags to carry thing we need for school/work and other activities, that’s why this kind of bags should be spacious, comfortable, not very big, in a harmony with the style you have or with the clothes you’re wearing at that moment. Handbags, purses, satchels, business bags, travel bags, cosmetic bags, evenings purses and so on, they’re all our good and devoted friend because every time we need a thing, we can find it right there and all the necessary stuff  we’re supposed to carry in our hand is today the duty of a bag.

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One thought on “Bag-mania!

  1. Mike Maynard says:

    You blog has been sending me emails that are blank. They are normal now, I’m pleased to say! I like these photos.

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