Sweet experiment

These days I saw a picture of some chocolate cups and I was really interesting in doing my own cups. So, that is how I made them :

  • Inflate a balloon at a very small size and wash it .
  • At the steam I melted milk chocolate. After full melting, I introduced the balloon just on the half and turned it all around to apply the chocolate uniformly.
  • Then I let it freeze and get stiff. After an hour or two I cracked the balloon attentively and the cup was ready to get filled with ice-cream and other sweet content.
   That is what I’ve done, easy and you don’t need much time and space to prepare and cook. My experiment has finished successfully and I’m glad I tried. It tastes good and looks very nice. If you’ll want to do it, buy some more chocolate and don’t forget to do it with love!
                Good luck !
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