Ohhh … how much I’d like some free time to sleep, read some books or just relax in the most usual way, but that is unfair, we must have a break, even some minutes , we should let our brain take a breath and then to work better. For this reason, a want to add that how much I think about a relaxing day, about a short vacation, I get full of tasks and duties. May I just scream out loud??? Can someone push the button ”pause” and let it like that for a month or even more? I guess that’s a silly dream that many other people have. And what if I’ll just escape, run away, forget about all and just have some fun without this boring routine? NO… the only solution for this is to watch the picture above and imagine like we’re running on the beach and meeting the sunset which brings an atmosphere of tranquility and pleasure. If I’ve said it to some of my friends, they’ll probably say : ” calm down” or ” take it easy” … it is not as it seems. Yes, of course in not, it’s just like you are running for three hours without stopping and you feel exhausted a horrible but you can’t stop, cause your legs keep running without stop and you don’t know why and how to make them slow down. Have you ever had such a feeling? I hope not.

It’s too big the pleasure of having some 5 minutes left for sleep in the morning or having some time to do nothing in the weekends, that’s probably why there are so few possibilities to enjoy these sweet moments of freedom.

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