The inspired dreamer

All that you can do in a saturday night is to dream about a place like this. Something sweet, nice and relaxing. A hot tea and some cookies, an old book and a warm blanket. To say honestly, I wish  I were somewhere in Paris right now, in a big house in vintage style and with some furniture on a soft sofa, watching old movies and eating cake with nuts and condensed milk. My preferences are a little bit strange but , that’s just a wish .. there are no limits !! Ohh .. and I forgot … there should be a boy in the bedroom, sleeping his beauty sleep :D .


4 thoughts on “The inspired dreamer

  1. Mike10613 says:

    I like the photos. I always like photos of Paris though.

  2. Keit says:

    nothing strange in your dreams, because i have the same dream, not necessarily in Paris, but important is, the peace this ambiance gives.

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