How much would that word mean, I do not think that it has a specific explanation. Funny thing… when we get everything we need we are not thinking about that we are lucky persons, but when we fail, we begin crying on our misfortune. How many people are waking-up in the morning and think that they’re the luckiest human beings in the world? I guess not everyone is grateful for the best things that ever happened in their life. Luck isn’t about having a big sum of money or wining the lottery, it’s actually about our self-esteem, feelings and everyday actions. Someone might say I’m wrong… yes, probably, but what can other people say about that? Isn’t luck the way we feel and act? If we’re not in a harmony with ourselves, how can we leave all the misfortune behind.
  Soo… I hope you’ll think about how lucky are those people which are surrounded by their loved ones, and those who have eyes to see, a mouth to speak, hands to create, legs to run and a heart to love.
Any fool can have bad luck; the art consists in knowing how to exploit it.
Frank Wedekind

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