Beauty Routine

What can I say about the things that we do every day ? Wake up, do morning exercises, do the morning toilette, take breakfast, dress for school/work and do some other needments. But what is the most interesting part of such a crowded morning? For a girl, of course that’s the morning toilette and dressing up. Hours to do the make-up carefully, beautiful, unordinary and unique, symmetrical and with no mistakes. After such an exhausting work, there is something more to do, the ”dressing up” which is a pleasant activity , but sometimes not a happy one, especially when you are in a crisis of not knowing what to wear.  Lipstick, mascara, hair accessories, a chic look, perfumery, jewellery, a hearty breakfast and a hot coffee are the keywords for a successful day.

But are these the most important things that make a really fulfilled day?Maybe for someone yes, but not for me, for sure. Yes, it’s important to look good, to be in the center of attention, but does it cost all the hours we spend in front of the mirror and the state of rush ? No, what we have to realize is that every minute spent with our family and friends is an amazing positive energy for the whole day and as much as we enjoy the time spent in quiet and pleasure, the more healthy and conscious of our actions we become. We can enjoy the full taste of flavored tea, chocolate croissants and beautiful smiles that appear after the first words said in the morning ”Good Morning”, instead of losing time in vain on practical choices that must be made or rather not must be made at all.

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Routine

  1. Kate says:

    I’m agree with you but,
    i actually thing a girl should can combine all the things,without thinking of a wasted time or of doing her make-up in vain.For me personally, when i’m good dressed, with nice hair, probably a little bit lipstick on my lips, and with heels on me (not to high :D) i feel myself more confident.And just THEN i can enjoy the full taste of flavored tea, chocolate croissants and beautiful smiles that appear after the first words said in the morning ”Good Morning”.
    I also think, that this comes with time,this art of ,,being perfect,,.Of course, you may think that in one day you are getting bored of too much perfectionism, BUT belive me, when youl will be so, life will bring you a lot of attempts, curiosities (that you’ll try to investigate) and just unforgetable moments.
    The point is that i already know you, and your are always perfect dressed and arranged, just a little bit self-confidence is missing in you.Do you thing an usual girl will write such an amazing post?Nope!

    p.s. if it’s y instead z and z instead y, im from a foreign computer :D

    • thank you for this amazinf words :) ohhh a have written for just one point of view)) unfortunately i’m not not sooo ,,perfect dressed and arranged,, cause of my lack of inspiration, but what i wanted to say isthat, actually .. we don;t need make-up to look perfect.. and sometimes SOMETIMES !! :D it not necessary to get stressed in the morning just because you haven;t finished your make-up:))

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