Adolescence is the best period of our life

Adolescence is one of the most important period in life, especially for the development of our personality. Our soul and body grow and this process happens due to our hard work. Either we enlarge the knowledge we achieved from the very beginning of our life and become smarter and more conscientious every year, either we become indifferent and do not care about anything and stay as silly as we were. I listed bellow some of the pros and cons about this affirmation:

  • Pros
  1. This is the period when you can taste the life as it is.
  2. It’s interesting and inexplicably funny not to follow the rules when you’re a teen.
  3. We may get the biggest amount of life experience which is very important, we can get the second chance and not repeat the same mistake twice.
  •  Cons
  1. Tenagers work a lot ( clean the house, take care of their brothers, make additional courses, help their parents), they study most of all,  because the bases of the future proffesion are put during this time.
  2. Adolescents don’t have enough time to relax, to do their hobbies, to go out with friends, read books and other things they can’t live without.
  3. They have many responsaibilities at school.
  4. Teens are sometimes sentimental( when it comes to love for example) and very emotional.

I have put together the opinions of mine and other teenagers and made a conclusion: adolescence is as the best as it is important in every person’s life. There is no life without this unique in its way period and no other strong emotions and feelings than those we’ve lived in our teenage life. Be careful in what you do and think twice before doing something important. Don’t kill your time and you’ll realize that you have done more than you supposed it’s possible.

P.S. Take every chance drop every fear!!!

P.S.S. Biiig thanks to Lily for photosss :*

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6 thoughts on “Adolescence is the best period of our life

  1. Mike10613 says:

    Interesting blog and very good photographs but shame about the ‘about’ page; it sort of makes the blog anonymous.

  2. Kate says:

    I want to get drogs to make my adolescence interesting!!! :D

  3. dumitruluca says:

    thank’s for this blog I need you

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