The A-Z of Friendship

A Friend…

accepts you as you are,

believes in ” you” ,

calls you just to say ”HI”,

doesn’t give up on you,

envisions the whole of you

(even the unfinished parts),

forgives your mistakes,

gives unconditionally,

helps you,

invites you over,

just ”is” with you,

keeps you close at heart,

loves you for who you are,

makes a difference in your life,

never judges,

offers support,

picks you up when you fall,

quiets your fears,

raises your spirits ,

says nice things about you,

tells you the truth when you need to hear it,

understands you,

values you,

walks beside you,

(x) – explains things you don’t understand,

yells when you won’t listen and

zaps you back to reality.

A friend is someone we turn to

When our spirits need a lift,

A fiend is someone we treasure

For our friendship is a gift,

A fiend is someone who fills our lives

With Beauty, Joy, and Grace,

And makes the world we live in

a Better and Happier Place.


4 thoughts on “The A-Z of Friendship

  1. Mike10613 says:

    That is a good list, it must have took a while to write. I thought you might like this one, it was written by a student in China. English isn’t her native language, she’s still learning it and so it’s quite good:

    【A】Always waiting for you.  总是在这里等着你  【B】Be with you.  和你在一起  【C】 Calls you just to say Hi.  打电话给你就是想说声 嗨  【D】 Dear,Good night.  每晚温柔的对你说晚安  【E】Expect the whole of you.  期待你的全部  【F】Forever stand by you.  永远在你身边  【G】Give you what you need.  给你一切你需要的  【H】Hope you enjoy your life.  愿你享受你的生活  【I】I love you.  我爱你  【J】You jump,I jump.  如影随形  【K】Kiss you when you wake.  在你醒来时偷偷吻你  【L】Learn to know you.  学习懂你  【M】Make more surprise in your life.  给你与众不同的生活  【N】Never make you cry.  永远不让你哭  【O】Offer support.  支持你  【P】Put you in my heart.  把你放在我心底  【Q】Quiet your fears.  停止你的害怕  【R】Run with you.  和你一起去未来  【S】Sing a song for you.  为你唱一首属于你的歌  【T】To be yours.  我是你的  【U】 Understand you.  懂你  【V】 Value myself on you.  以你为荣  【W】Wake you up everyday.  每天叫醒赖床的你  【X】XL love.  特大号的爱  【Y】 You are always so addictive.  你一直是如此地令我着迷  【Z】Zeal for you.  对你狂热

    Feel free to copy and paste the Chinese! :)

  2. Keit says:

    Friendship… not all of us have had the luck to find a real friend, you are a lucky one :P
    all you have written is true , im proud of you :P :D :*

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