Here we are, the last month of autumn… the most beautiful and in the same time  a little bit wistful. Because of the school I didn’t really have time to enjoy the full magic of autumn, but I have a month left and hope to be a memorable one.

No bigger pleasure that to watch how the leaves are falling down, dancing with the wind.

Model: Tina ( my BFF :D )

Autumn has an indescribable beauty and this is the reason I can not express my feelings because I do not think it would be something more beautiful than the portrait created in autumn, especially the last month when the trees are almost bare, the birds are flying in the smoky sky and the cold is so powerful that pinches your face, but that is a special pleasure. Unfortunately, my camera is not enought to immortalize all the moments I saw these days, but there is something I can truly say: I admire nature for all the gifts it gave us, more than it I wanna Thank You to my camera for all the pics it made .

P.S. Catch the magic of autumn and never forget that no matter how sad you are , the beauty around you will always make you happy . :))

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