Never stop dreaming !

  Figure out what to dress  before going to bed , you never  know who you’ll meet in your dreams. )))

The life is not always as we wish, everything can change very easily , but still remains a solution – to dream. You can fly, feel the wind through your wings, do whatever  you want, go shopping in the richest shops and buy the newest fashion designs, visit places you’ve never been to, trying on the role of a parent or being as someone you always wanted to would be awesome, you might kiss actors/actresses you like, you can create your own world and keep under control all that’s happening there, even bring justice and honesty on the earth. Watching the sunrise on the beach, having a dinner in a cool restaurant with your friends and family, spending a night under the moonlight with someone very special or admiring a handsome man standing on a black horse under your window and waiting for you to come down can be so beautiful, pleasurable and romantic.
These things would seem like crazy ideas, but it’s a dream of mine and maybe someone else’s.                                                                                                                           Many things seem being impossible in reality, but in dreams anything can happen, even the most unseen and amazing things.  At first, dreams seem impossible, then improbable, and then inevitable.

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